CodeMail ICO – A Global Decentralized Communication Network


The CodeMail platform will be a secure, private, anonymous and decentralized communication network. CodeMail will allow sharing information without any restrictions throughout the globe. It will use the same communication means used right now (email, messaging, chat, SMS/MMS, file transfer, etc.), but it will be operating across an encrypted, decentralized network built on blockchain technology.

CodeMail will therefore solve the privacy issues that plague today’s environment when communicating/transmitting data over the Internet. Your data will be accessible only by you and it will be entirely owned by you. Just that it would travel through a secure network. Right now, these are the risks of the traditional communication methods most used:

  • Emails, messages and other data are centralized, thus exposed to risk if the host gets hacked
  • Data is mostly unencrypted and can be sniffed or monitored by various parties
  • Centralized hosts basically have control over your data
  • Accounts can be hacked and sensitive data exposed
  • Access can be restricted or denied to several services

This is where CodeMail promises to help, by using decentralized communication on the blockchain. This way your data is entirely owned by you and accessible only to you. Furthermore, you are guaranteed privacy as your data is fully encrypted during transmission and storage (as long as you keep your private keys safe). There’s no centralized host and no data loss (due to blockchain redundancy).

CodeMail is the name of the project, but its token is actually called Stamps (STPZ). The CodeMail project will use credits for micro-transfers through its network. Stamps are actually these credits to be used for allowing access to the network and
facilitating communication.

The name of the token (Stamps) comes from the association between the CodeMail project and the postal system, where basically you pay a stamp for sending a letter. However in CodeMail, the difference is that the Stamps spent to send/store data will be 100% fully distributed to node operators who facilitate transaction and no middleman would get a cut.

CodeMail’s Main Features:

  • Multi-component platform. CodeMail will feature a Messaging App (used by clients to communicate securely), Network Nodes (you’ll be able to lend unused bandwidth and disk resources) and a Dev API toolkit (for 3rd party component development).
  • Security. Data sent or stored is encrypted end-to-end thus protected from monitoring, hacking and theft.
  • Privacy. Every account is anonymous and communication is viewable only between correspondents. Your communication cannot be shared with 3rd parties even if requested by law.
  • Decentralized Storage. Data is encrypted, compressed, split into chunks and stored in multiple copies across the blockchain powered network.
  • Reliable and Easy To Use. Clients will be available for Linux, Mac, Windows, IOS and Android, with an easy-to-use interface despite the complicated tech behind the platform.
  • Cost Efficient. Using Stamps you only pay for what you use and only in small micro-transactions. You’ll be subject to less spam too as sending emails will cost the spammer.
  • Open Source Community. An open source developer API will be created to promote the network and open it to 3rd party components.

CodeMail ICO Details

What is the CodeMail project

CodeMail is a secure, private, anonymous, decentralized communication network built on blockchain technology that allows people across the globe to interact freely without the threat of exposure or invasion of privacy.

Key facts about the CodeMail ICO

How to contribute to the CodeMail ICO:

  1. The easiest way to contribute for the CodeMail ICO sale is to pay directly with ETH. For details on how to participate in the CodeMail ICO visit their site: Buy CodeMail Stamp Tokens
  2. If you don’t already own ETH, you can buy those via one of the many available exchanges (i.e. Coinbase). You’ll need an ERC20 ETH wallet to be able to buy STPZ tokens with ETH. MyEtherWallet is the perfect choice to get a wallet (if you don’t have it already) – just be sure not to use the ETH wallet of your exchange.
  3. Decide how much STPZ tokens you want to purchase (there is no minimum purchase, but discounts are higher if your investment is too) and transfer the amount of ETH you want to invest to their ETH address: 0x02b8b5d2c2f05c074850c5bdffdb711edbcd8704
  4. Once your transfer is processed, it’s also recommended to send them an email with details of your transaction. Your tokens will be sent no later than 48 hours after the payment is confirmed. To display your custom STPZ tokens just go into MEW and add a new one using Token Contract Address 0x02b8b5d2c2f05c074850c5bdffdb711edbcd8704 and Token Symbol: STPZ

The most important rule is NOT to transfer ETH directly from your exchange wallet. They won’t know where to send back the tokens if you do that, just be sure to use your MEW wallet address. After the purchase is confirmed, the buyer immediately receives STPZ tokens according to the current rate. ONLY purchase STPZ using a wallet where you solely hold and control your private key. Currently, 1 ETH buys 18,000 STPZ.

CodeMail ICO Details:

  • ICO Sale Start Date: May 1, 2018
  • ICO Sale End Date: August 31, 2018
  • Hardcap: 40,000 ETH (around $24,000,000 based on current ETH price)
  • Softcap: There is no minimum cap for the ICO
  • Supported payment methods: They accept payment via ETH only. Do not transfer money from an exchange address, use a wallet address!
  • Discounts: Discount during the ICO sale varies depending on when you purchase tokens. The ICO sale has 4 different phases, from May through August. Those that purchased in May got a 40+% discount compared to those that buy in August.
  • Price: The current price is 18,000 STPZ = 1 ETH, with prices to go up each month until the end of the ICO sale. For the first ICO sale phase (May), 1 ETH bought 20,000 SPTZ tokens; second ICO sale phase (June), 1 ETH buys 18,000 SPTZ tokens; third ICO sale phase (July), 1 ETH buys 16,000 SPTZ tokens; during the last ICO sale phase (August), 1 ETH buys 14,000 SPTZ tokens;
  • Maximum amount of tokens to be available: 1,000,000,000 Stamps (Codemail Tokens) will be created and put into distribution across the CodeMail network. Out of those, 500,000,000 Stamps will be sold during a pre-order campaign.
  • Minimum Contribution: no minimum contribution
  • Contract address: 0x02b8b5d2c2f05c074850c5bdffdb711edbcd8704

Token distribution:

  • 50% of the tokens (500 million) will be sold during the pre and ICO sales
  • 10% of the tokens (100 million) will be distributed after 1 year to incentivize hosts to lend resources and scale up the network
  • 10% of the tokens (100 million) will be used as an incentive for developers that want to create 3rd party components. These are distributed after 2 years from the initial ICO.
  • 20% of the tokens (200 million) will be used as a community incentive and will be distributed after 3 years from the initial launch.
  • 10% of the tokens (100 million) will be used as founders’ bonus.

The reserved funds will be used as follows:

  • 55% will be used for Research and Project Development
  • 10% will be used for SG&A costs related to running the business
  • 10% will be used for Marketing activities
  • 10% will be used for Hardware and infrastructure necessary to bootstrap the network
  • 10% will be donated to charities to promote corporate philanthropy
  • 5% will be used for legal and accounting purposes

These funds are received in Ether and thus they’re subject to volatility. To protect from the price fluctuation, the funds will be kept as follows:

  • 25% will be kept in Ethereum
  • 25% will be kept in other cryptos (Bicoin, Litecoin)
  • 25% will be kept in fiat (USD and JPY)
  • 25% will be kept in Gold to prepare for extreme market conditions

More details about CodeMail are in its whitepaper:

Here’s the key elements from the CodeMail Roadmap:

  • Q2, 2018: Launch of CodeMail and the ERC20 Stamp token. Starting network infrastructure rollout and core development.
  • Q3, 2018: CodeMail network development and client apps.
  • Q4, 2018: Beta release for the CodeMail network and client apps.
  • Q2, 2019: CodeMail 1.0 release with basic client and network functionality. 1-to-1 exchange of Stamp tokens to native CodeMail stamp.
  • Q3, 2019: CodeMail 2.0 development start, and also communication bridges with traditional email/messaging systems.
  • Q4, 2019: API toolkit development start.
  • Q2, 2020: CodeMail 2.0 public release.
  • Q3, 2020: CodeMail 3.0 development start. API release.
  • Q1, 2021: Communication bridge public release.
  • Q2, 2021: CodeMail 3.0 public release.

The team:

The company behind the CodeMail project is Apato Ltd, an US-based company (with offices in the US and Asia). They mention on their site that their background is in the fields of fintech, big data, distributed computing, data science and analytics, blockchain, crypto-currency, and application design, for a combined 50 years of experience.

CodeMail ICO rating from various ICO review sites:

  • ICOCalendar: 3/5
  • TrackICO: 3.7/5

These ratings are still pending as the project was just launched. Have you invested in the CodeMail ICO or are planning to? Share your thoughts with the community on the PROs & CONs of the project as you see it.


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