European Crypto Bank, the first fintech blockchain project combining banking & trading


One of the biggest problems crypto investors face is the difficulty in converting their investments into traditional assets. The banking system is hostile and unfriendly, as cryptos are seen as a serious competitor to the traditional process of banking. That’s why a lot of banks stop accepting crypto exchange money and try to give as much a hardtime as possible to crypto owners and investors.

When it comes to traditional assets (i.e. real estate, auto, luxury, etc.), the reluctance to accept cryptos is even more problematic, mainly due to the high volatility of the crypto value. The European Crypto Bank is a project that’s determined to solve this massive problem by creating a multilingual trading & exchange banking platform that uses KYC and AML software for increased security and by offering Tax Reporting for National Domestic Tax Revenue Services: France, Italy, Germany) ECB will also obtain all required licences and will work pro-actively with regulators in all jurisdictions. ECB’s priority is to protect their clients who want to trade and own digital assets.

You can see a presentation of ECB here:

The team behind the European Crypto Bank already has the KYC and AML software and in fact they’ve been using it for the past 9 years in their Wealth Management Business. ECB will be the platform that allows anyone in the world to make crypto investments and benefit from the same services traditional banks offer for fiat money.

The market that European Crypto Bank wants to disrupt is a massive one, with over 8 trillion euros being circulated on a daily basis in the financial sector alone. If you take into account the close to $500+ billions that makes the cryptocurrency market, you realize that the first fintech ICO that will have a viable product has an immense opportunity.

European Crypto Bank services (some are currently in private beta):

  • Trading. ECB will include a trading exchange and leveraged services on cryptocurrencies and FIAT.
  • Financial advice. The analysts team with help from the internal AI will perform financial & advices’ analysis.
  • Tax reporting. ECB will offer I.A. AML & Robots’ compliance for all accounts opened on ECB as well as KYC. These services used by ECB will also be licensed to other partners from the financial industry and exchange platforms.
  • Tax Advisories. A mix of AI and the Tax Lawyers Team will advise and represent customers all around Europe (tax Consultancy and Juridical Assistance in case of Tax Litigations).
  • Robot Advisors. These robots will be able to understand humans and immediately respond with the best efficient, emotional and suitable attitude, just like a human advisor.
  • Other services such as asset and wealth management, ICO rating, crypto leverage and exchanging to traditional assets (real-estate, art, …).

ECB’s main target is to become a fully regulated Crypto Bank in Europe over the next 4 years. This will act as a gateway between owners that want to exchange crypto and owners of traditional assets (shares, bonds, real estate, art, …) providing an easy and secure way to do these conversions.

European Crypto Bank Token and ICO Details

What is the European Crypto Bank project

The European Crypto Bank is a project with the ultimate goal of building the first bank and trading platform to secure investments on the cryptocurrency market (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash,…) on the blockchain. Its approach is quite unique in the sense that the token associated with the project (ECB) is actually a swap between 2 different tokens which will be chosen by each Token Holder at the end of the ICO. So instead of a single token associated with the entire project, there will be 2 tokens each associated with separate services provided by ECB:

  1. Token S. This token is for their Tax Services, Tax Support and Litigations. Token S will give 5% of new Tokens S of the global amount to all Token holders each year. Token S is anonymous, respecting the professional secrecy of lawyers in the world.
  2. Token I. This is only for Financial Services (Exchange and Trading Platform, Wealth Management, Financial Analysis) and will be buy-backed by the Company every year. ECB will buy back some Tokens I with 6% of their annual turnover in buying them on the Market. They will be locked in ECB’s Reserve. Token I is not anonymous.

All ECB Tokens selected by the Token Holder at the end of the ICO will be tradeable and listed in several exchanges.

Key facts about the European Crypto Bank ICO

How to contribute to the European Crypto Bank ICO:

  1. The easiest way to contribute for the European Crypto Bank ICO sale is to pay directly with cryptocurrencies. You can also purchase via wire transfer and by sending a check. For details on what information to put when doing a wire transfer/check visit their site:: Buy European Crypto Bank Tokens
  2. If you don’t already own cryptocurrency, you can buy them via one of the many available exchanges (i.e. Coinbase). If you want to pay with ETH, you’ll need an ERC20 ETH wallet. MyEtherWallet is the perfect choice to get a wallet (if you don’t have it already).
  3. Decide how much ECB tokens you want to purchase (the minimum purchase is 20 tokens or around $15) and transfer the amount of ETH (or other crypto) you want to invest to their address (visit the url above to get the correct wallet address)
  4. Once your transfer is processed, it’s also recommended to send them an email with details of your transaction. Your tokens will be sent no later than 48 hours after the payment is confirmed. To display your custom ECB tokens just go into MEW and add a new one using Token Contract Address 0x69786859bc92e0CA82FcfE1BFFc502B7bEA6a069 and Token Symbol: ECB

The most important rule is NOT to transfer ETH directly from your exchange wallet. They won’t know where to send back the tokens if you do that, just be sure to use your MEW wallet address.

European Crypto Bank ICO Details:

  • ICO Sale Start Date: February 16, 2018
  • ICO Sale End Date: May 1st, 2018
  • Hardcap: ~$245,000,000 (EUR 200 million)
  • Softcap: ~$6,000,000 (EUR 5 million)
  • Supported payment methods: They accept the most important cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, XRP, DASH, BCC) but also fiat money. Do not transfer money from an exchange address, use a wallet address!
  • Discounts: Discount during the pre-sale was as high as 54%. The ICO discounts range from 35% down, depending on the date and amount invested. Current regular discount is now at 11% (35% if you buy at least 2 BTC or 10 ETH worth of tokens). Current discount lasts all throughout March.
  • Price: 1 ECB = 0.63 EUR (around $0.75). With the current 11% discount, the price is 0.567 EUR per ECB token.
  • Maximum amount of tokens to be available: Between 15,873,014 and 677,283,261. The minimum amount is the equivalent of the softcap ($5 million), the maximum is that of the hard cap. Any unsold tokens will be burned, and that explains the variable amount to be available. Also, these are the values for both tokens (ECB is a swap between S and I tokens as explained above). 51% off these tokens will be available during the ICO sale.
  • Minimum Contribution: 20 ECB tokens
  • Contract address: 0x69786859bc92e0CA82FcfE1BFFc502B7bEA6a069

Pricing varies depending on how many tokens were sold, right now here’s the bonus structure:

Discount % Start/End date of the discount ECB price (EUR)
54% 1 – 16 February 0.409
35% Minimum 2 BTC or 10 ETH investment 0.4095
17% 16 February – 9 March 0.5355
11% 10 March – 31 March 0.567
7% 1st April – 22 April 0.588

Token distribution:

  • 51% of the tokens allocated for community (pre-sale, ICO)
  • 20% tokens used for Team Distribution
  • 24% of the tokens will be used for research and development
  • 3% of the tokens will be used for consultancy/advertisement
  • 2% of the tokens will be distributed as bounties.

The funds distributed to the team will be used as follows:

  • 20% – Platform Development
  • 25% – PRM
  • 15% – Crypto Leverage
  • 10% – Security
  • 10% – Robots Advisors
  • 10% – Admin Operations
  • 5% – MultiPlatform API
  • 5% – Legal Protection

More details about European Crypto Bank are in its whitepaper:

The team:

French, Italian and English specialists have formed a multi-disciplinary team to create the European Private crypto bank. Wealth and asset bankers, tax specialists, computer scientists, mathematicians, and Blockchain engineers have partnered to facilitate access to the cryptocurrencies market to as many people as possible by personalized advice and approaches (Wealth Management and Wealth Optimization).

In total there are 5 founding partners and 19+ advisers currently involved in the European Crypto Bank project. Here’s an overview of the founding partners:

  • Olivier FORGUES – President (UK) – 25+ years of experience in the financial sector
  • Mikaël MISARD – Head of Development (FRANCE) – 13+ years experience as CEO
  • Sandrine FAVRE – Head of Operations (FRANCE) – 21+ years of experience in the field
  • Matthew CLARK – Head of Web Design and Digital Marketing (UK) – 12+ years of experience in the field
  • Cyprian KOWALCZYK – Chief Technical Officer and Blockchain Specialist (POLAND) – 20+ years of IT experience

Here’s the key elements from the European Crypto Bank Roadmap:

  • May 15, 2017: Launching ECB Project
  • January 2, 2018: Infrastructure Development
  • February 1st – February 15, 2018: Pre Initial Coin Offering for ECB
  • February 16, – May 1st, 2018: Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • March 28, 2018: Cryptos Financial Analysis
  • July 16, 2018: Trading Exchange
  • March 1st, 2019: Cryptos Wealth Management
  • March 15, 2019: Tax Platform
  • April 30, 2020: UK Banking Agreement
  • March 30, 2022: European Banking Agreement

European Crypto Bank ICO rating from various ICO review sites:

  • FoundICO: 9.2/10
  • ICOBench: 4.3/5
  • ICOLink: 4.28/5

The aggregated European Crypto Bank ICO rating score is 87.8% (out of a total of 100%). Anything over 70% is an excellent rating with very good chances of resulting in a finished product.


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