The Electroneum Mobile Miner is finally live for everyone (Android)


It’s been a few months since Electroneum successfully reached its hardcap promising a new revolutionary crypto, with lots of hiccups down the road. From delays in making the online wallets available, to delays in launching a functional mobile app. But as of March 5th, 2018, their mobile miner for Android is public and working… albeit it might be prone to some bugs.

All you need to be using the Electroneum Mobile Miner is actually an Android smartphone – the better its specs, the more ETN it will be able to mine. Here’s what you need to do to start mining for Electroneum from your smartphone:

  1. Get the official app here: Electroneum Mobile Miner
  2. Once installed you’ll need to login to your online Electroneum account (if you don’t have one you can create it on the spot). Every account was upgraded to allow now mobile mining.
  3. You’ll need to close/restart the app to get the miner working after logging in (I had to). Then go onto the Mining tab and click on Start Mining.

That’s about it. As soon as they sort all the bugs out, they’ll start marketing the app to gain more exposure as being the world’s first working crypto mobile miner.

Is it really mining?

Now, a few thoughts on the “mobile mining” capability:

  • Your smartphone isn’t actually mining. Because actual mining would consume lots of resources and practically make it impossible to use. So instead you get the mining experience.
  • In fact, these coins are already mined and your smartphone is just rewarded for trying to mine. It basically runs a complex command line request on a Linux computer.
  • The mobile mining experience was designed this way to promote Electroneum and help others discover it. So it’s mostly marketing.

So why did they decide to do this? Full mining is actually very complex and resource consuming. Thus it cannot be done profitably on a smartphone and still being able to use that phone. The mobile mining experience is totally different from the real mining (i.e. miners connecting to the blockchain), but they both reward real ETN that can be used and traded. Overall, it helps Electroneum to become more popular.

Even during its ICO the Electroneum team promoted the idea that they want their crypto to be very easy to use and to be used by everyone, worldwide. They want to keep it being easy so that they can introduce it to a higher pool of users than other cryptos. So the mobile mining experience is sort of an Electroneum airdrop to lure in new users and get its popularity to spike.

How much ETN can I earn via mobile mining?

Right now the value of an ETN is around $0.07. An average smartphone user can be awarded a few US dollars worth of ETN per month. So anywhere from 30 ETN per month and above. The rewards will be adjusted depending on how many users join in the mobile mining experience and so on.

The good part is that the Electroneum mobile miner doesn’t clog your smartphone. It can actually run in the background, doesn’t use much data nor it consumes battery. Because it’s not actually mining, but it does reward real ETN.

If you don’t own an Android smartphone you have to wait until their iOS app is ready to be launched. Right now the Electroneum iOS app is in beta, fully functional, but still needs to be tested and approved by Apple. In the meantime, if you’re an Android user you can enjoy being the first people in the world to earn Electroneum Cryptocurrency from your mobile phone!


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