US residents can now participate in the Fire Lotto ICO


Fire Lotto made an important announcement and a step towards getting closer to their ICO hardcap. They are now one of the few ICOs that allow US residents to pre-register for their upcoming ICO token sale. Fire Lotto recently added a SAFT to the investor’s account page on their ICO site, allowing US residents to pre-register for the sale.

So, what is SAFT?

SAFT is actually a “mirrored” agreement of S.A.F.E (Simple Agreement for Future Equity), the now popular document that Y Combinator created to be able to fund new startups. SAFT stands for┬áSimple Agreement for Future Tokens and is basically a contract that allows U.S. investors to participate in a token pre-sale. Starting next week, Fire Lotto will fill this (and other documentation) with the US SEC to prepare for the official launch of the ICO.

SAFT becomes this way very important for the main reason that once the ICO starts, the price of the Fire Lotto token will go up. However, US citizens now are able to pre-register for the sale (by signing the SAFT) and benefit from the reduced token price. If you’re a US resident you should register now to benefit from the 15% discount off the regular FLOT price: Buy Fire Lotto tokens.

You can read more about Fire Lotto and their ICO here: Fire Lotto ICO.

In other news, their main site ( was translated into 9 more languages, with new ones being in the works. They are truly working to become a worldwide blockchain lottery, accessible to anyone from anywhere.


To that extent, they are also organizing several meetups all over the world, so if you are from these countries you can participate and understand better the Fire Lotto project:

  • March 7-8 Zurich, Switzerland Blockchain Summit Zurich
  • March 10 London, UK Crypto Investor Show
  • March 13-14 Macau, China IGaming Asia Congress IGA
  • March 19 Dubai, UAE Blockchain innovation and investment summit
  • March 21-22 Berlin, Germany Cryptocurrency World Expo – Berlin Summit


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