True Reply: Earn money and crypto via your Amazon Alexa device


True Reply is world’s first and the only platform that allows any Amazon Alexa powered device owner to earn real money or cryptocurrency by participating in paid surveys. TrueCoin is a virtual currency (cryptocurrency) that will be associated with the existing surveying platform, True Reply. The main ICO sale for TrueCoin starts on March 1st, and the sale is on fire with the reserve hitting already a hard cap. You can join the sale here: TrueCoin ICO 

For those that don’t know, Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant app created by Amazon, used in multiple devices such as: Smart speakers (i.e. Amazon Echo), TVs and media boxes (i.e. Amazon Fire TV), Phones and tablets (i.e. Amazon Fire, Huawei Mate), Laptops and desktops (i.e. Asus Zenbook), Smart home automation systems (i.e. Ecobee), Wearables and earphones (i.e. Pebble Core), Automotive (i.e. all BMW 2018 models) and others.

To give you an idea of how popular actually Alexa is, there are 5,000 employees at Amazon working exclusively for this platform and they already have millions of users. It is popular and that’s only the beginning. The wide adoption rate is based on its voice interaction ability plus many other functions (i.e. setting alarms, playing music/audiobooks, giving various reports and real-time info, control smart devices and much more). It’s also capable of being extended by 3rd party devs. And that’s exactly what the team behind True Reply did, they found a clever way of adding value to your Alexa-powered device, by allowing you to earn money taking surveys. Here’s a video showcasing what True Reply is, in essence, about:

In essence, this is what True Reply allows you to do:

  • Share your opinions on various products/services/companies
  • Influence decisions for brands that want your opinion
  • Earn real money from anywhere in the world, at your own convenience
  • Easily cash out your fiat money via PayPal
  • You can also cash out in cryptocurrency instead of fiat money
  • True Reply is 100% free with no ads, they earn money by charging a fee for companies that want to survey the market

True Reply allows you to cash out in TrueCoin, a new token that’s ERC20-compatible and already on a roll. You can read more about it here: TrueCoin UTO.

Back on True Reply, it’s quite easy to start and begin earning your first money. Here’s an overview of the process:


Visit the main True Reply site and sign-up. The platform is currently in closed beta, so you’re actually requesting to have your account approved, that’s why it’s important to provide accurate details. You’ll receive a notification when your access to the platform was approved (it’s not necessary but you can provide a Comment with the Alexa-powered device you use).

True Reply is completely free and based on voluntary surveying, meaning you don’t have any quotas to meet to remain a member or to cash out. Aside having an Alexa-powered device, there are no extra requirements.

Enter your personal preferences

The first time you login to the dashboard, you’ll have to enter your personal details:

  • Add and confirm your Amazon Email account. This is a mandatory step so that True Reply can match your participation & earnings with your True Reply account.
  • Enter your PayPal email address so that you can be paid if opting for fiat payments.
  • If you want to cash out to cryptocurrency, you have to add your ERC20-compatible Ethereum wallet address (MyEtherWallet is a good option to get one).
  • Lastly (and optionally), there are several personal details you can add (bottom of the My Account Page). It’s highly recommended to do so, as based on those you will be shown more targeted surveys. You can enter general details such as your address (city, state, zip), gender, education, income, marital status and if you have children.

Participate in Surveys

After you’ve filled in all the details, you can visit the Dashboard to see the available surveys. At the point of writing this article I had a total of 12 surveys available, with the possibility of earning $13.25. Not bad given that it only takes about 10 minutes to fill in all surveys. The platform is being continuously developed, so that number will increase as well as payouts per survey.

Cash Out

Once you’ve earned money by participating in various surveys, you can request to cash out. The request to cash out is available on the Dashboard. Cash outs are processed weekly on every Wednesday via PayPal or TrueCoin (delivered directly into your wallet).

True Reply surveys are voice based thus it is mandatory to own a device that’s powered by Alexa, to be able to answer all the questions and earn money.

From a user’s point of view things are pretty straightforward, you sign-up, you fill in surveys and you get paid. It’s no surprise however that things are pretty simple from the point of view of anyone that wants to use it to survey an audience that’s easy to reach. It is pretty simple to setup and launch your first Amazon Alexa-powered survey and the best part is that you can start measuring results and get feedback in realtime. Here’s some of True Reply’s advantages for businesses/companies/organizations that want to survey Amazon Alexa users:

  • Affordable. Keep in mind that you are collecting voice-based surveys and feedback. By using a traditional voice-based survey alternative, someone would need to call users, ask permissions, record and share. A lengthy and quite expensive process. With True Reply however, you can save up to 50 times the cost of a traditional surveying method (focus groups, interviews, phone surveying, etc.).
  • Realtime Insights. Not only that you get access to audio responses, but those are easily structured and accessible. True Reply comes with fully indexed transcriptions, thus you are able to do lots of data manipulation things to fine tune your analysis. From searching, filtering to data visualization and analysis, True Reply gives you the tools you need to take informed decisions. Data can also be exported in .CSV to process locally.
  • Telephone surveys. True Reply is fully accessible so you can use it to survey users via any telephone, no app required. This way you can reach exactly the targeted demographic without any technological or economic barriers. You are not limited to particular requirements or a geographic region to collect feedback and opinions.
  • IoT & Amazon Alexa. True Reply is the first (and currently the only) platform approved by Amazon to conduct incentivized surveys across the Alexa community via the True Reply Alexa Skill. This gives you access to millions of Alexa users to launch surveys.
  • HIPAA Compliant. True Reply stores and accesses responses securely while complying with governmental regulations and requirements. This makes it a perfect choice for Healthcare organizations and any other entity interested in market research.

This is just the beginning for True Reply. Given the fast (and wide) adoption of Alexa powered devices, the platform will grow with it as more users want to earn money by answering surveys. True Reply is building an ecosystem that enables on one hand users to make money, while offering a great platform for market research (and not only) purposes. You can keep up with the project via their official site, Twitter, Facebook or Telegram.



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