What does RealCasino bring compared with projects like FunFair and Edgeless?



  • RealCasino offers 200 CHIP bonus tokens just by registering and confirming your account. You can sign-up here: RealCasino ICO Registration.
  • As of March 3rd, with 1 more day left from the pre-sale (40% discount), they gathered close to $1.5 million. The main ICO sale is yet to start, so the RealCasino ICO is well on its path to reach the $30 million hardcap.

RealCasino is an Ethereum powered distributed online casino that uses blockchain and smart contracts to provide transparency and scalability. RealCasino is built by an experienced company (NetplayTV PLC), which is known for building the first Live TV Roulette.

Crypto based online casinos have several advantages over the traditional casinos and thus have what it takes to become disruptive in this industry. You can see a quick presentation of RealCasino in this video:

RealCasino plans to use the power of Ethereum Smart Contracts (and decentralization) to deliver an online casino gaming platform with real dealers and virtual events. Using blockchain means their platform is a serverless 24/7 globally distributed platform, which basically makes it the dream of casino players. This technology is low cost and highly scalable.

The RealCasino advantage:

RealCasino is currently in its pre-sale phase (to be followed soon by an ICO). Compared to other similar projects (i.e. FunFair, Edgeless), RealCasino brings the ability to go mainstream and several other key elements:

Live Casino Games Published to the Blockchain. The strongest point of RealCasino is their ability to produce Live content and have it broadcast to the blockchain. This approach already brought in attention from big players in the entertainment industry looking to license their Live solutions. Furthermore, they already have a functional product. You can visit their Live MVP to try out the Live Keno or roulette/spin-to-win games. So their product is ready, once the ICO ends they’ll be able to have this run in no time.

LIVE EntertainmentBlockchain casinos aren’t new, as there are others already functional. However most offer a very basic UI and poor palette of games. Players expect more and something closer to what the traditional casinos offer in terms of high entertainment. The team behind RealCasino has already over a decade of experience in this industry and it knows how to create entertaining games that attract new players and keep existing ones.

Real World BridgeRealCasino is already purusing opportunities and partnerships with existing traditional casinos. This means that the RealCasino tokens (CHIP) will be accepted and exchangeable at traditional land-based casinos with physical casino chips and of course the other way around. Land based casinos lack transparency and blockchain overcomes that. By partnering with these casinos, they get to benefit from RealCasino’s blockchain platform to improve the transparency of their operations.

Proof of Stake Approach. Transparency in operations is what RealCasino’s blockchain approach offers. Every transaction can be viewed or processed by every miner on the blockchain. RealCasino uses blockchain 2.0 solutions to deliver scalable casino-related transactions & computations at sustainable price points.

Modular StructureRealCasino tries to put the focus on decentralization. Their platform is built by combining different modules as this way every one of them can be optimized and expanded as the platform grows. Current modules include:

  • Platform: Player registration, know-your-customer, processing payments
  • Affiliate: Important part that allows attracting new players
  • Studios: Delivering entertaining content
  • Miners: Allows delivering fair results on a distributed open ledger, settling stakes, risk management
  • Casinos: Delivering content, brands & players

Here’s another promo that showcases the RealCasino advantage:

Key facts about the RealCasino pre-sale and ICO:

  • Hard Cap: 30,000 ETH
  • Total Token Supply: 4,800M CHIP tokens
  • Token Main Sale Price: 1 ETH = 100,000 CHIP
  • Market Cap: US$20M
  • Private Pre-Sale Price: 1ETH = 130,000 CHIP
  • Public Pre-Sale Price: 1 ETH = 120,000-102,000 CHIP
  • Public ICO Sale: 1 ETH = 100,000 CHIP
  • Technology: ERC20 Token
  • Timeline: Jan 25 starts the private ICO pre-sale; Feb 10 is the start of the public ICO pre sale; Feb 23 marks the start of the main ICO sale
  • Public Distribution of Tokens: Within 30 days
  • Token Allocation: 10% Team & Founders; 10% Advisors; 80% Token Allocation
  • Whitepaper: RealCasino Whitepaper
  • Investor Sign-up: RealCasino ICO


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