Wizzle Infinity ICO: Bank-in-a-box services to buy/sell tokens using crypto or fiat money


The moment you turn Adblock off you realize a worrisome fact, how much Google/Facebook/Microsoft (and others) know about you. Those ads are so perfectly tailored to what you are interesting in, that it gives you chills. You see, with all the benefits that the Internet brought us (communication, socializing, financial services, …) it also brought a downside, no more privacy. All the big companies have massive amounts of data collected based on our behavior (and other stats) when using their services. A fun story comes to mind, from when a big retailer’s algorithm discovered that a customer was pregnant based on their shopping habits (before that person knew it is pregnant).

Wizzle and the future of blockchain-based banking services

The loss of privacy is a big concern, and one that sparkled interest in finding solutions to that. That’s why the blockchain technology is so widely embraced, because it offers a perfect combination of P2P communication, cryptography and distributed ledger which in the end offers its users decentralization and anonymity. That is why the Wizzle network is trying to do for the financial sector. Using the blockchain technology to offer its users an unique bank-in-a-box solution that promotes mass adoption of blockchain. The video below explains better the vision behind Wizzle:

Wizzle is a Netherlands-based company and their goal is to build a worldwide network of local blockchain providers. Those local services will include a multitude of financial related products: exchanges, payments, ATMs, token launch platform, shopping etc. The unique selling point of what Wizzle proposes for the financial sector is the global scalability at a local level. To support the ambitious plans to span their services on every continent, Wizzle launched an ICO to ensure its growth. Wizzle Infinity is the token that can be purchased during the presale and ICO, and these are loyalty points that can be used with the Wizzle services. That only in the initial stage, as down the road they plan to have partnerships with other product/service providers that offer ways to redeem the Wizzle Infinity tokens.

Products and services offered through the Wizzle network are targeting both consumers and businesses. The products targeting consumers/businesses are actually financial solutions, and are all meant in the end to create a truly bank-in-a-box platform. Here’s an overview of the products developed (and planned) by Wizzle:

  1. Crypto exchange: Wizzle’s platform allows buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Right now it accepts only Bitcoin and Ethereum, but short-term plans include adding more cryptos as well as tokens.
  2. Wizzle Pay: Wizzle can be used as a payment method. Basically with Wizzle Pay, remittance of payments could be done anywhere in the world (subject to each country’s regulation). Payments will be able to be processed both in crypto and fiat money. Companies could pay salaries this way, individuals could pay for services, buying/selling various products or services and so on.
  3. Token Factory: This is a full scale solution that allows anyone to create, launch and promote their own tokens, all based on the blockchain technology. It includes everything needed from having the first idea, to planning, launching, marketing and finally starting an ICO. No need to hire external help, as Token Factory can help with picking the name/description/slogan, generating the whitepaper, videos and even content (benefits, social accounts, etc.).
  4. Wizzle Portfolio: Keep your eggs in one basket. With Wizzle’s portfolio you’ll be able to manage all the tokens you own in Wizzle. Even if each token requires a different wallet, or if you own different cryptos, you’ll be able to manage them in a single place. It will also include your loyalty points, investments, commodities and even fiat money.
  5. Wizzle ATM: You’ll be able to go to an ATM and withdraw fiat money from your Wizzle Portfolio. Wizzle will have a network of ATMs that you can withdraw money from, and that will be linked to your Portfolio account. Aside withdrawing services, you’ll also be able to exchange cryptos via the ATM, pay for bills, get receipts and also other specific services.
  6. Merchant plug in: This will be part of the services offered only to businesses, not directly to consumers. The plug-in will allow any business to integrate and accept crypto payments in their stores, powered by Wizzle.
  7. Wizzle POS (Point of Sale): This system will only be available to approved resellers of Wizzle services.

Wizzle Infinity Token and ICO Details

What is a Wizzle Infinity

Wizzle is actually a platform that combines several banking related services involving cryptocurrency and fiat money. The purpose is to offer acceptable prices for all financial transactions involved, be it payments on any online shop or POS, ATM operations, exchanges or remittance of crypto/money. The Wizzle Infinity Tokens (WZI) are bonus points that can be earned by everyone that uses the Wizzle services. For a comparison, it’s like a bank would offer you money everytime you use their services, instead of taking money from you.

The WZI tokens will also be tradeable and available on exchanges, so aside their intrinsic value (banking currency), it will also grow up in value as more services are added to the Wizzle network and the more popular those get. The following video explains better what Wizzle Infinity tokens are and offers details on the currently running ICO:

Key facts about the Wizzle Infinity ICO

How to contribute to the Wizzle Infinity ICO:

  1. Visit their Token Factory for Wizzle Infinity: Buy Wizzle
  2. Click on the Buy WZI Tokens button to open the payment modal window. Enter your details and decide how you want to purchase WZI (using crypto or fiat money). During pre-sale there are some minimum amounts. Enter a valid ETH ERC20 address where you’ll receive your tokens (don’t use an exchange address). Click on Proceed.
  3. Another modal will show up with details on how to do the transfer. Just send the amount you chose in the previous window to the address provided.
  4. Once payment is received your tokens will be delivered to the ETH address you provided. There might be some network congestion, so don’t worry if there are delays.

Wizzle Infinity ICO Details:

  • Pre-ICO Sale Start Date: 1-Feb-2018
  • Pre-ICO Sale End Date: 28-Feb-2018
  • ICO Sale Start Date: 1-Mar-2018
  • ICO Sale End Date: 31-Mar-2018
  • Hardcap: 30 million EUR gathered in total (around 37 million USD)
  • Softcap: 7.5 million EUR (~9.4 million USD).
  • Supported payment methods: They accept both ETH/BTC payments but also allow you to pay using fiat money (even your own country’s currency). Do not transfer money from an exchange address, use a wallet address!
  • Current token bonus: 50% (valid only during the pre-sale)
  • Price: 1 WZI = 0.01 EUR (0.0125 USD). During the pre-sale there’s a 50% bonus, so the price for 1 WZI is actually 0.005 EUR.
  • Maximum amount of tokens to be generated: 5,100,000,000 WZI (including bonus tokens, founder’s tokens and bounties).

Token distribution:

  • 1,500,000,000 WZI (29.4%) tokens allocated to presale investors.
  • 3,000,000,000 WZI (58.9%) tokens allocated to ICO investors.
  • 375,000,000 WZI (7.3%) allocated for the Wizzle Network.
  • 75,000,000 WZI (1.4%) to be used for marketing purposes.
  • 50,000,000 WZI (1%) airdropped.
  • 50,000,000 WZI (1%) for management team and employees.
  • 50,000,000 WZI (1%) referrals (bounties).

More details about the ICO are in its whitepaper:

The team:

In total there are 16 people currently involved in the Wizzle project (4 members, 12 advisers & ambassadors).  The team is mostly based in Netherlands with experience generally in development, blockchain in particular:

  • Walter Thoen – Product Development – 10+ years of experience in product development, with a focus on blockchain
  • Mark Noorlander – Business Development – experience in business & blockchain entrepreneurship
  • Arthur Bevaart – Legal Counsel – experience in the legal area
  • Irene de Donatis – Design Team Manager – 4+ years in product design

Wizzle Infinity is a token created using Wizzle’s Token Factory. This is a platform used to create, launch and promote your own cryptocurrency tokens using blockchain technology. the Wizzle Infinity tokens will be used to interact with other Wizzle services.

Here’s the key elements from the Wizzle Roadmap:

  • November 2017: Launch of the functional Token Factory that lets anyone create and promote tokens
  • November 2017: Launch of the paper wallet to store tokens offline
  • December 2017: Wizzle Network launch
  • February 2018: Adding the possibility to buy/sell cryptocurrency
  • 23 February 2018: Launch of the Wizzle iOS and Android App
  • February-March 2018: Presale and Wizzle Infinity ICO
  • March 2018: Adding payment services to Wizzle.
  • March 2018: Launch of the Wizzle ATM.
  • 15 March 2018: Adding merchant services to Wizzle.
  • End of March 2018: Adding portfolio and point-of-sale Wizzle services
  • TBD – launch of the Wizzle debit card

Wizzle Infinity ICO rating (will be an aggregated value when more ICO rating providers cover Wizzle)

  • ICOLinks: 4.39/5

Wizzle has ambitious plans to launch multiple blockchain-related services. Their major advantage is that they already have some functional products from their proposed roadmap. The Token Factory especially, which acts as a token launch platform, as well as the mobile apps (plus an upcoming exchange service). Definitely a project to keep an eye on.


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