TrueReply UTO, backed by the only Amazon-approved incentivized survey platform


Update: The TrueReply ICO (main sale) just started and it will go on until the end of the month (April 1st). The pre-registration phase reached the hardcap, so right now the option to buy tokens is disabled for non pre-registered users. However, if in a few days those that pre-registered don’t finalize their sale, the token sale will be publicly open so keep an eye on the sale: TrueCoin ICO

What is TrueCoin?

TrueCoin is a virtual currency (cryptocurrency) that will be associated with an existing surveying platform, True Reply. This is the first and currently the only platform that was approved by Amazon for managing and offering incentivized surveys via Alexa (amazon’s device).

True Reply allows deploying surveys with ease, to be collected via any smartphone or Amazon Alexa-powered device.

You can see a video explaining what TrueCoin Token is about here (as well as details on the True Reply platform):

True Reply Features:

  • Simple & powerful voice-based surveys. The True Reply platform can be easily used to create surveys and launch them. The audio recording results are stored and fully indexed, allowing realtime search and insights. True Reply has a friendly Web-based UI for administering the surveys. It’s simple and linear, great for any professional.
  • Real-time results. Once people start answering the surveys, those are stored in a centralized database. This gives you realtime access to indexes audio recordings, searching, dynamic keyword ranking, filtering and much more.
  • Delve into reports. All voice-based survey answers are accessible and you can individually listen to answers, rather than just relying on the overall reporting. Deepen your understanding of how people think about your product/service.
  • Incentivized surveys. You can offer incentives for people that fill in surveys to drive up engagement. The surveys are accessible via any smartphone or Amazon Alexa-powered device.
  • Simple pricing. $5.00 per survey for every 30-days your survey is active. $1.00 per response collected, pay-as-you-go.
  • Cloud-based. True Reply stores data into the cloud, offering the advantage of not needing server hardware. It’s built to scale.
  • Amazon approved. True Reply is world’s first platform approved by Amazon for administrating and offering incentivized surveys via Alexa.

TrueCoin Token and ICO Details

With dozens of initial coin offerings being launched weekly, it’s hard to pick a good one to invest in. TrueReply’s ICO is different, because they already have a working platform, instead of just a concept. The platform is live and already being tested by 3rd party organizations. Having your product approved by Amazon, as the only platform that can offer incentivized surveys via Alexa, is a very big plus and gives confidence that the project will just continue developing. The upcoming integration with Google Home opens the doors for other IoT integrations.

The TrueReply ICO had a pre-sale just ending in February, with 1,000,000 TrueCoin tokens being already sold. The regular ICO/UTO will start on March 1st and end April 1st (no joke here) or when the hardcap of $20 million is reached.

You can see a presentation of the TrueReply ICO here:

Key facts about the TrueReply ICO

  • ICO RegistrationContribute to the TrueReply ICO here
  • ICO Start Date: March 1st, 2018 (main ICO event)
  • ICO End Date: April 1st, 2018
  • Lite Cap: $500,000 (equally split between bounties/marketing, rest to founder’s salaries)
  • Soft Cap: $5 million (35% for bounties/marketing, 35% for development, 20% facilities, 10% founder’s salaries)
  • Hard Cap: $20 million (50% for bounties/marketing, 40% for development, 5% facilities, 5% founder’s salaries)
  • Supported payment methods: ETH, BTC
  • Current token bonus:
  • Price (incl. bonus): 1 ETH = 10,000 TrueCoins (~0.1 USD at current price) during regular ICO. In-platform value, 1 TrueCoin = $1
  • Maximum amount of tokens to be generated: 500,000,000 TrueCoin tokens (including bonus tokens, founder’s tokens and bounties).

Token distribution:

  • Initial Token Offer: 200,000,000 (40% of the total token raised)
  • UTO Bounties: 50,000,000 (10% of the total number)
  • Post-UTO Community Reserve: 100,000,000 (20% of the total number)
  • Post-UTO Community Building Incentives: 100,000,000 (20% of the total)
  • Founders: 50,000,000 (10% of the total number)

TrueCoin Token Whitepaper:

The team:

Executive team has right now 3 members, all with serious background into development.

  • Jose Cotto (Founder) – conceptualized, designed, and engineered the True Reply platform over the course of eight years.
  • Jeremy Manjorin (Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer) – 18 years of development and technology program management.
  • Robert Moore (Co-Founder & Chief Alliance Officer) – Robert has co-founded several successful digital-based companies that pioneered the use of consumer-reported information, surveys, and big data models.

Here’s the key elements from the TrueReply ICO Roadmap:

  • October 2017 – The first beta version of the True Reply platform (free for non-profit)
  • Early November 2017 – True Reply & Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation Case Study (they used True Reply for surveying)
  • Late November 2017 – True Reply comes to the Amazon Alexa ecosystem
  • December 2017 – True Reply Participant platform and UI launched
  • First Quarter, 2018 – Platform Updates for admins
  • Second Quarter, 2018 – TrueCoin Token integration within the True Reply platform, integration with Google Home
  • Third Quarter, 2018 – True Reply Mobile App & listing TrueCoin on exchanges
  • Fourth Quarter, 2018 – Multi-language support & auto-translation for the True Reply platform
  • Second Quarter, 2019 – Releasing 20 million TrueCoins to exchanges, plus 50% airdrop to holders.
  • Third Quarter, 2019 – 2nd release of 20 million TrueCoin tokens to exchanges, rest of the airdrop

TrueCoin Token ICO rating:

  • FoundICO: 7.5/10

It’s quite rare in the ICO/UTO world to launch a token sale after you have a working product, and that’s what makes TrueReply even more valuable.



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