New ÆTERNITY testnet is now live


The team behind æternity is quite a hard working hive. The month of November was as eventful as usual in their HQ. This is one project I’m actively monitoring for a possible investment, because I believe in the idea behind it.

The most important announcement is that they launched æternity’s new testnet. The testnet currently offers limited functionality, but it is an important and strategic first step towards the launch of the mainnet in 2018. Additional features will be added gradually. They are also preparing a bug-bounty contest that will be announced soon.

Their team underwent some restructuring, but the good news that new talent is now aboard. æternity’s core tech development is now led by Sascha Hanse who is assuming the role of lead engineer. In addition to the team restructure, the timeline for mainnet launch has also been updated, hopefully to more realistic dates. To familiarize with the project, you can watch this presentation:

There’s no æternity whitepaper to share yet, however they are working on it too and the first draft will be published soon, though few chances of it going live this year.

The æpps team has also managed to push forward a number of projects and is making great progress.

So what’s new with æternity in essence:

  • New ÆTERNITY testnet. The new testnet is launched and everyone interested that has the hardware power can deploy a node, test mining and AE tokens.
  • AMA Session with Sascha Hanse. There’s a new lead engineer and to formally introduce him they organized an AMA session via Reddit. Kudos for the open approach to this.
  • æpps Hackathon & Updates. In November they have launched a three-week-long online hackathon for decentralized app creators. Between November 27th and December 15th, 2017, all submissions at GitHub will receive AE tokens as rewards. Voting has started and the best three æpps will divide prizes worth 8,000 AE tokens in total.
  • Team Restructuring & Updated Timeline. There’s a new team behind the project, and the timeline suffered some delays. Mainly, the mainnet security audit is expected to happen in Q1 and launch is expected for Q2, 2018.


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