e-Chat adds ex-Director of the Central Bank of India as advisor


UPDATE: e-Chat was reviewed and received a high rating at ICOBench. This platform uses its own unique assessment mechanism based on 20 various criteria with maximum rating potential of 30 points. Independent experts are involved in reviewing the ICOs. e-Chat received a 4.6 score, out of 5.

e-Chat, the first decentralized anonymous multi-tasking messenger that actually makes you money, just started the first ICO round. The e-Chat ICO started after a pre-sale, and will end on December 15th, 2017. The current bonus is 25%, the second ICO round will have a bonus of 20%.

Recently the e-Chat team announced that they have added a new financial advisor, in the person of S.Sridhar, an actual financial superstar from India.

Mr. Sridhar has over 40 years of experience in development and commercial banking. What’s impressive about the new advisor is that he has expanded the banking resources nationally and internationally during the 10 years period for being the Managing Director of the Central Bank of India. Additionally, S.Sridhar has over than 10 years of experience as CEO of numerous financial companies.

This is very good for e-Chat, it’s actually quite the thing to have a former central bank director as advisor.

What else is special about e-Chat? Here’s actually a few things:

  • It has a built-in NFC/QR payment system (contactless)
  • Voice/video calls, chats, and channels
  • Stream photo and video content
  • Paid channels for bloggers and publishers.
  • Streaming to the news feed.

This video gives some more clues on why e-Chat is going to be a revolutionary messenger:


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