11 Most Popular ICO of 2017 (so far)


Everyone dreams about striking gold with new initial coin offerings, but out of hundreds or so ICOs in a given month, only a handful actually reach their soft cap. On the other hand, a successful initial coin offering doesn’t guarantee that the future coin to be released will actually get there or will be a success. The recent Confido ICO scam is an example, where no one heard anything from the Confido team once money were gathered.

So far, below is a list of the most popular ICO listings of 2017, some with staggering amounts of money raised for supporting their future coins. And remember, the amounts listed below are calculated based on the value of the Bitcoin/Ethereum on their listing date – given how Bitcoin will soon be over $10,000.

Top ICOs in 2017

1. Filecoin ICO
Total raised: $257,000,000

2. Tezos ICO
Total raised: $232,219,985

3. EOS Stage 1 ICO
Total raised: $185,000,000

4. Bancor ICO
Total raised: $153,000,000

5. Kin ICO
Total raised: $97,041,936

6. Status ICO
Total raised: $90,000,000

7. TenX ICO
Total raised: $64,000,000

8. MobileGO ICO
Total raised: $53,069,235

9. Sonm ICO
Total raised: $42,000,000

10. Electroneum ICO
Total raised: $40,000,000 (hard cap)

11. Aeternity ICO
Total raised: $36,960,594

And 2017 is still “young” in terms of ICO listings, as there are a lot more going on in December and they’re promising. This popular ICO list will be updated as I receive more information on the amounts gathered. But still, impressive money going around in the crypto world, I guess what comes around goes around.


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