AppCoins pre-sale ICO successfully raised $1.7 million


Update: The official numbers are now publicly available for the AppCoins pre-sale”

  • $1,8 million USD raised
  • 19.791.636,78 tokens purchased by over 800 backers
  • 10.000+ whitelisted investors
  • 2.500 followers on Telegram and +8.000 Facebook fans+

There will be several presentations for AppCoins in the following days, so if you are in one of these cities here’s the schedule:

  • BEYOND BLOCK TAIPEI 2017 – 25 Nov, Taipei,Taiwan
  • TAIWAN BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT- 28 Nov, Taipei, Taiwan
  • MAICOIN EVENT – 28 Nov, Taipei, Taiwan
  • BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT- 28 Nov, London, UK
  • ICO AMSTERDAM EVENT – 29 Nov, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • BLOCKSHOW ASIA 2017- 29-30 Nov, Sentosa, Singapore
  • BLOCKCHAIN BITCOIN CONFERENCE – 29-30 Nov, Limassol, Cyprus

I can’t wait for the ICO to go live, I’ve missed my chance at investing in the pre-sale, but I won’t miss the AppCoins ICO.

AppCoins is the official crypto coin developed and launched by the company behind AppToide, a large appstore with over 200 million users. Its purpose is to combine the blockchain technology with the app store idea, thus allowing devs to accept AppCoins for in-app purchases, subscriptions, app approval, advertising etc. Using AppCoins users will be able to purchase IAP faster cutting the middle man.

You can see a quick video presentation of the idea behind AppCoins here:

There will be soon 2 billion smartphone users, and an estimate places that number to 4 billion by 2020. Thus the app economy potential is huge and the first mobile-targeted crypto that will get adopted faster will gain tremendously. Right now this spot is challenged by AppCoins and Electroneum, both trying to solve challenges of the app model:

  • mobile advertising is quite inefficient, with a lot of intermediaries between developer and user (thus time and money spent along the way, for both sides).
  • in-app purchases are not that easy to be performed (in-app billing not being supported yet in several countries), and this means only 5% of smartphone users actually buy IAP.
  • app approval is a tedious project, you never know as a dev when your app will be rejected and for what reason.

AppCoins proposes a blockchain protocol to solve these problems. User gets faster and easier what he needs, developer gets more money in the pocket as there are no intermediaries, and app stores gain from talking a single language in terms of currencies.

AppCoins recently entered a pre-sale phase, where tokens could be bought by Apptoide users and OEM partners, with the public ICO being announced for December 2017. The pre-sale ICO went great, as even it was restricted to Android devs & the Aptoide community, there were 975 investments raising a total of $1.7 million with 16,079,460 AppCoins sold. The softcap has already been reached, with the hard cap being at $15.3 million.

So congrats to the AppCoins team, the pre-sale ICO seems to have been a success and those that missed the investment opportunity can wait for the December public ICO. You can read their whitepaper here: AppCoins Whitepaper.


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