The Angel Token ICO is now live, bonuses up to 690%


UPDATE: The Angel Token ICO is now live, the bonuses started at 690% but are now down to around 500% due to having raised close to $200,000. The discount will drop even more when they get more funding in.

Below is the latest statement they sent out, on how the Angel Token development will be handled.

The best thing about Angel Token is the investment community that you get to be part of.

All token holders with 10,000 or more Angel Tokens (costing as little as 1 ETHER) will be encouraged to become part of the investment team, as we call it.

We will discuss ideas and show, privately, our detailed research.

Only when we have heard the recommendations and arguments from our investment community will we decide to invest.

We will have the final say but it is important that it is a collaborative approach and everyone is aware of the investments that we are all considering.

AND Angel Token holders will therefore be able to, responsibly, trade these interesting investments, outside of the Angel Token portfolio.

This allows anyone who’s a part of Angel Foundation to trade and profit like a much larger investor, without needing the huge capital (and risks) it comes with that.

The Angel Token ICO is one of the newest opportunities for investors looking to buy into a new promising crypto-coin. Below are 5 reasons why the Angel Token ICO seems to be a great investment option.

1. It creates its own value

The Angel Foundation is going to use the money raised in the Angel ICO to invest in existing cryptocurrencies. However, they are ALSO going to invest RESOURCES in these crytpocurrencies to make them BETTER (and more valuable). Resources such as development, programming, wallet design, and marketing.

2. They offer an ICO GUARANTEE

For the first 100 days after investing, anyone can ask for 80% of their invested Ether back. It doesn’t matter what happens to the crypto-currency market, or Angel Token ICO success or not, you can get 80% of your Ether back in the first 100 days.

This guarantee makes the Angel Token ICO one of the most fair and reliable launches. It’s Guaranteed on the back of a ‘Smart Contract’ and gives you the opportunity to experience Angel Token, and what it stands for, with limited risk.

3. They offer the best bonus structure in the ICO world

They have structured the bonuses so that early investors have a huge advantage.

The first 10,000 tokens have a bonus of 690% compared to the last 10,000 tokens sold (assuming they sold out all 70 million tokens).


You will be able to get together with all other Angel Token investors and discuss and share the research that done and the investments made.

Never invest in cryptocurrencies alone again. Share and receive private and privileged information on cryptocurrencies and expected movements and trading.

5. Profit from a Rising Investment Portfolio AND Dividends

They aim to make money FOR YOU. They will have an investment portfolio that they expect to rise in value. This supports the price of Angel Token and a rising portfolio will also allow Angel Token to pay QUARTERLY DIVIDENDS in ETHER.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain related projects represent an amazing growth opportunity, especially given how incipient this industry still is.

For more information about the Angel Token ICO and investing options you can check their whitepaper: Angel Token Whitepaper


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