Matryx Token Sale Phase II goes live and surpasses 5K ETH


UPDATE: The Matryx token sale is now complete. Matryx raised 12,382 ether, well over $5,000,000 so it was a success.

In the coming weeks, this will happen to the MTX supply:

  • Global Whitelist participants will be sent their tokens.
  • Bonuses will be distributed and the token surplus will be burnt.

The Matryx Token Sale Phase II went live, and they have already gathered 5,000 Ethereum for this phase (close to 1.6 million USD). If you are interested in participating you will need to visit their site and fill out the whitelist to receive additional instructions on purchasing tokens.

Matryx reduced in October their had cap but they couldn’t change the smart contract thus the plan was to end the sale by “self-destructing” the remaining tokens when the new hard cap was reached. However the past weeks they received a lot of proposals from Asian investors. While this sounded good, the worry was they could overflow the hard cap if there were a lot of last minute purchases.

Over the the last few months they got quite some offers to buy into the Matryx Token Sale (for huge bonuses) those got turned down. They are interested in building a strong platform and community, not in for the quick buck.

However, the new Asian investors are different as they don’t want absurd bonuses and they are dedicated to long term investments into helping Matryx grow (such as bringing it in front of Universities and other institutions across East Asia, expanding global community and actually using the Matryx platform). As of today, over 5,000 ETH were collected from the Asia community.

The Matryx Phase II is happening starting with November 18 and going over to 19, and 20th. You can buy into the token sale via WeToken – however, even if is a Mandarin language platform that only accepts purchases from Asian customers, they’ve established a whitelist so that other non-Asian users can buy into.

The other great news for Matryx is that Calcflow, world’s first 3D graphing tool leveraging VR, will release soon a Matryx integration.

Users will be able to join the Matryx Private BlockChain and enable them to upload submissions to Matryx tournaments directly from Calcflow.


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