IndaHash ICO started, adds 7800 investors in first day


Update: The IndaHash ICO is a success from its first day, they’ve actually managed to have more than 7800 participants from over 100 countries for the ICO. Today they’re also starting the 2-day Global Meeting of all the indaHash offices throughout the globe.

The IndaHash ICO started on November 29th, 2017. This project is already a popular ICO, given that 100% of the ETH needed was raised in pre-sale. They also have a powerful referral program, awarding bounties to those promoting IndaHash and also awarding an iPHONE X to the top 3 referral holders.

Here’s some frequently asked questions about the IndaHash referral program:

1. When will my IDH tokens be visible in the dashboard?
All pre-ICO referral program tokens are visible in your dashboards in

2. When will I be able to transfer my IDH tokens? 🔓
Your IDH tokens will become transferrable after the main ICO and participants (sending ETH transfers) KYC/AML verification process is finished.

3. How can I earn more IDH tokens? 💰💰💰
Our main ICO registration process has just started. Pre-ICO was capped only for 16,8% of the total supply. This means that there’s more than 63,2% of new participants to still invite!!! Keep spreading the word and your referral links!

4. Who will receive an iPhone X? 📱📱📱
After the main ICO, we’ll recalculate the results and the top 3 referral holders will receive information about winning their brand new iPhone X!

You can register for the IndaHash referral program (or ICO) here: IndaHash ICO Registration.


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