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Check below to see a list of popular ICO listings, active or upcoming. You can use the search option to find the ICO you’re interested in or sort the ICO list by date to see which one ends faster (or starts sooner). Initial Coin Offerings are a great way to discover and invest into the next popular cryptocoin.

If you are launching your own token sale you can submit ICO to one of the lists below. Just use the link mentioned above to send the ICO, or email claude[at]popularico.com with details about your ICO (name, URL, description, whitepaper URL, start/end date, tokens available, soft/hard cap) and whatever else you find useful.

Active Popular ICO

ICO NameICO DescriptionICO End DateICO Whitepaper
CodeMail ICO Logo CodeMail ICOCodeMail is building a secure, private, anonymous, decentralized communication network which will allow the transmission and sharing of information without restriction across the globe. Communication will take the form and functionality of existing protocols such as email, messaging, chat, SMS/MMS or file transfer, but will be operating across an encrypted, decentralized network built upon blockchain technology.

ICO Start/End date
May 1, 2018 - August 31, 2018

Soft/Hard cap
0 ETH / 40,000 ETH
Dappvestment Network ICO Logo Dappvestment Network ICOThe Dappvestment Network (DSNT) is one of the first ICOs to offer an internal exchange for DSNT/ETH during crowd sale and a fully automated exchange after the crowd sale.

This Crypto Bank ICO X model actually prevents ICO scams, Ponzi schemes and so on, as the internal DSNT/ETH exchange that's active during the token sale allows you to get your money back whenever you want.

At its core the Dappvestment Network will offer investors digital assets management services, allowing investments in crypto markets and exchanges with low risks and steady returns.

ICO Start/End date
May 30, 2018 - July 30, 2018

Soft/Hard cap
500 ETH / 32,000 ETH
Abulaba ICO Logo Abulaba ICOAbulaba is an icon launched and backed by the AAA group, a leading Asian financial organization. Its core promise is to cooperate with other financial organizations (i.e. banks) to develop a truly peer-to-peer cash alternative. Users would benefit from reduced fees, global application and decentralized development.

Abulaba ICO pre-sale starts on 05/06/2018 and ends on 09/09/2018. The total supply is 397 million, the current price being $0.5 per Abulaba token (to increase up to $1.2 towards the end or the ico).
Webcoin ICO Logo Webcoin ICOWebcoin connects the worlds of digital marketing, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Webcoin is a utility ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain and serves the purpose of a unified currency for buying and selling services within the Webhits.io platform.

ICO Start/End date:
Private Sale: April 11 - May 31, 2018
PRE-ICO: June 1 - June 30, 2018
ICO (Main sale): July 1 - August 1, 2018

Limited total supply: 70 000 000 WEB
Raised $400,000 from 100+ investors
Soft/Hard cap: 600 ETH/17367 ETH
Suite Autonomy ICO Logo Suite Autonomy ICOSuite Autonomy is a decentralized business class Application Suite built on Ethereum's blockchain that introduces a newly created business model standard solving problems in areas of decentralized; Escrow, collateralized Loans, Debt Note creation, peer to peer exchange And Exchange platform (DEX). Where the token holders are the owners and beneficiaries of the decentralized application platform suite.

ICO Details:
Total Number of Tokens: 20,000,000
Number of Tokens Offered in ICO: 7,000,000
Funding Goal: 2800 ETHER
Price: $0.0004
Start date: April 3, 2018
End Date: July 3, 2018
XRT ICO XRT ICOXRT is the decentralized peer to peer ERC-20 compatible token created especially for the multi-billion food industry. It seeks to introduce the use of cryptocurrencies in the food sector, one of the first projects to come with this concept.

XRT Foundation is launching one of the largest ICO Airdrops ever, with over 80,000 benefactors that will receive each 400 XRT tokens. The airdrop campaign starts on April 30, 2018. You can sign-up to receive free XRT tokens here: https://xrtfoundation.org/

Following the airdrop, a pre-sale campaign will start on Start June 1st, 2018, followed by several ICO sales ending in August 2018.
European Crypto Bank ICO Logo European Crypto Bank ICOEuropean Crypto Bank (ECB) Project is building a Crypto Bank and Trading Platform for Cryptos and FIAT offering Tax Assistance over the Blockchain, Cryptos/Tokens Rating, Analysis and Wealth Management Services.

French, Italian and English specialists have formed a multi-disciplinary team to create an European Private bank. Wealth and asset bankers, tax specialists, computer scientists, mathematicians, and Blockchain engineers have partnered to facilitate access to the cryptocurrencies market to as many people as possible by personalized advice and approaches (Wealth Management and Wealth Optimization).

The ECB Token is a swap of 2 different Tokens (I and S) which will be chosen by each Token Holder at the end of the ICO. All ECB Tokens selected by the Token Holder at the end of the ICO will be tradable.

ICO is currently undergoing (with a 35% bonus) and it ends on May 1st, 2018.
ECB softcap: EUR 5,000,000
ECB hardcap: EUR 200,000,000
ECB price: EUR 0.63 (without bonuses)
Max token supply: 677,283,261 tokens (I and S); all unsold will be burned

Read more on ECB main site
Nimbus ICO Logo Nimbus ICONimbus is a blockchain-based platform for selling/bartering goods and services by using cryptocurrency.

The Nimbus Token Platform allows businesses to fund their projects via pre-sales. To give the NIM token long term viability, the buyer of product/services tokens have flexibility - if they don’t like the product token they bought, they can barter it for another token, hold it until the token market changes, or get a pro rata refund.

ICO End Date: 01-August-2018
Price: 1 ETH = 2,000 NIM
JointEDU ICO JointEDU ICOThe Joint Education (JointEDU) Platform is proposing to create an educational center where anyone from anywhere in the world can learn. The main purpose of the project is to eliminate limitations, boundaries and encourage anyone to learn through their online learning system. Blockchain technologies will be used to simplify tuitions fee transactions and increase the transaction security reliability.

The JointEDU ICO is currently in its pre-sale phase. Details of the ICO:
ICO Start date: April 16th, 2018
ICO End date: May 31th, 2018 or until sold
Softcap: 3000 ETH
Hardcap: 18900 ETH
Current price (during pre-sale, bonuses between 20% and 60%): 1 JOI = 0.0001 ETH
Total supply: 270,000,000 JOI

More details here: JointEDU ICO.
Fixy Pre-ICO Fixy Network ICOThe Fixy Network will be powered by a blockchain based app facilitating the use of crypto in day to day life. Fixy will include a decentralized marketplace where crypto owners can buy services and goods from approved sellers. It will also include a decentralized OTC exchange.

They will also issue physical gift cards that can be redeemed to participate in the marketplace. Partners will accept the most popular crypto coins (Bitcoin/Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin). Fixy tokens will be used by partners to pay fees and for advertising.

ICO Details:

- Main ICO sale starts on May 1st, 2018
- Soft Cap is 2,000 ETH
- Hard Cap is 11,400 ETH
- Total token supply: 100,000,000 FXY
- Token price: 1ETH = 5,000 FXY (discounts up to 40%)
Fitrova ICO Logo Fitrova Pre-Sale ICO (50% Discount).Fitrova (FRV) cryptocurrency is designed to serve the Health & Fitness industry. It's one of the first cryptos to enter this market and bring the benefits of blockchain & decentralization to improve the branded network. Using the Fitrova tech, fitness clubs & other health related entities will be able to maintain accurate billing & membership details, as well as logging users' flow, sharing their goals and feedback with internally linked H&F fitness clubs (part of the network) and much more.

Fitrova is currently offering a staggering 50% discount during its pre-sale. Softcap is $71 million, hardcap at $326 million, on a total of 32 billion tokens. You can benefit from the main sale here: Fitrova Pre-Sale Discount.
Forty Seven Bank ICO Logo Forty Seven Bank ICOForty Seven Bank will offer blockchain banking services, and the Forty Seven Bank Token (FSBT) will be primarily used for interacting with its infrastructure.2018-03-31FSBT
TrueReply UTO Logo TrueReply UTOTrueCoin is a virtual currency (cryptocurrency) that will be associated with an existing surveying platform, True Reply. This is the first and currently the only platform that was approved by Amazon for managing and offering incentivized surveys via Alexa (amazon’s device).2018-04-01Whitepaper
ICloudSec ICO Logo ICloudSec ICOICloudSec is the first ever cloud-based network security model that uses blockchain to provide dynamic fault handling, high availability and complete robustness in network automation eco-space. It reduces network service deployment risk by negating insider threat and provide consistency over multilayer network configuration.

The public ICO sale started on February 26th, 2018 and ends on May 25th, 2018, so you still have time to invest if you want to sustain this project. There's a hardcap set at 13500 ETH and a total of 200 billion tokens will be available. Price is 10,000,000 CLOUD tokens per ETH, with bonuses up to 30% depending on when you buy into the project.
Obizcoin ICO Logo ObizCoin ICO (pre-sale)Obizcoin is developing a
Smart Process BOT for Robotic Process Automation in Startups & SMEs using AI and blockchain.
Gold Bits Coin ICO Logo Gold Bits Coin ICOGold Bits Coin is a coin that will be backed by real gold. On one hand it will offer the advantages of trending crypto prices, while offering the stability of real gold backing.

After the ICO ends and coins are released, each coin will be backed by real gold.
e-Chat ICO Logo e-Chat ICOFirst decentralized multi-tasking messenger with capabilities of a multi-currency crypto-wallet2017-12-15Whitepaper
MATRYX Pre-Sale and Token Sale Logo MATRYX Pre-ICOMatryx’s blockchain-based bounty system provides incentives for collaborative problem solving. Creators are rewarded for contributions with MTX tokens. Anyone can post bounties to Matryx. Participants compete to solve these problems in a tournament.2017-11-20Whitepaper
REGA Risk Sharing ICO Logo REGA Risk Sharing ICOThe first crowdsurance platform on Blockchain, where people can protect each other against unexpected events without insurance companies.2017-12-25Whitepaper
Fire Lotto Pre-Sale Fire Lotto pre-ICO LaunchFire Lotto is a modern blockchain crypto lottery where users buy tickets and participate in 4 different lottery games, splitting the winnings when it ends. 2018-03-31Whitepaper
RealCasino ICO Logo RealCasino ICORealCasino is an Ethereum powered distributed online casino that uses blockchain and smart contracts to provide transparency and scalability. RealCasino is built by an experienced company (NetplayTV PLC), which is known for building the first Live TV Roulette.2018-04-01Whitepaper
Wizzle Infinity ICO Logo Wizzle Infinity ICOWizzle Infinity Tokens (WZI) are bonus points that can be earned by everyone that uses the Wizzle services. For a comparison, it’s like a bank would offer you money everytime you use their services, instead of taking money from you.2018-04-01Whitepaper
KahnChat ICO Logo KahnChat ICOKCH is a virtual currency (cryptocurrency) that will be associated with a multi-purpose mobile app that will combine payments services and also social media functionality. 2018-02-28Whitepaper
COINTED Pre-ICO Logo COINTED Pre-ICOCOINTED is building a bridge between the cryptocurrency world and the real world. Even though cryptocurrencies have brought a whole new dimension in creating value, consumers regularly face the same problem: how can I easily change my cryptocurrencies into fiat currency? Additionally, consumers are also looking for easier and more secure ways to get their hands on cryptocurrencies in the first place. The goal is to satisfy the demand for convenient ways to convert fiat currency into cryptocurrencies and vice versa, without abandoning safety.2017-11-19Whitepaper
AppCoins Pre-Sale Logo AppCoins Pre-SaleAppCoins is a protocol designed to revolutionise the App Economy supported by the Aptoide App Store, and the first ICO serving 200 million users with the goal of creating a trustworthy and open economy for app stores without intermediaries.2017-11-20Whitepaper
Cappasity Token Sale Logo Cappasity Token SaleWe believe the AR/VR revolution will be driven by content creators. That’s why we are introducing the first platform that leverages blockchain infrastructure to create, rent and sell 3D content powered by ARToken. This approach ensures decentralized and trustless copyright storage and content exchange within the AR/VR ecosystem.2017-11-22
Confideal ICO Logo Confideal ICOConfideal is a unique smart contract management service for individuals and businesses, that allows its users to create and make safe, fast and anonymous deals powered by blockchain technology.2017-11-22
Battle of Titans ICO Logo Battle of Titans ICOBattle of Titans is a mobile PvP arena with a well-thought-out, trustworthy, and understandable monetization, as well as ambitious plans for the future. We plan to link in-game purchases to our own store based on Blockchain, in which players will be able to purchase in-game items for the BTT tokens at a discount from AppStore and GoogleMarket. The second stage of our store is the ability to connect third-party developers to it.2017-11-22
WandX Token sale Logo WandX Token saleWandX is creating infrastructure for decentralized creation, trade, and settlement of derivatives and financial products on crypto-assets built on the ethereum blockchain.2017-11-22
Gladius Private Pre-Sale Logo Gladius Private Pre-SaleGladius is the decentralized solution to protect against DDoS attacks by allowing you to connect to protection pools near you to provide better protection and accelerate your content. With an easy to use interface as well as powerful insight tools, Gladius enables anyone to protect and accelerate their website.2017-11-23Whitepaper
peerguess Logo peerguesspeerguess is a free cryptocurrency price ticker application where you may also guess future prices to earn gems; learn about community tendencies and reach sophisticated data. 2017-11-24
Follow Coin Token Sale Logo Follow Coin Token SaleAs cryptocurrencies rise in value they attract more people. Yet negative news, volatility and a lack of proper tools can scare them. Follow Coin is the platform where crypto enthusiasts meet experienced crypto traders in an open and honest environment.2017-11-24
Flixxo ICO Logo Flixxo ICOFlixxo is a decentralized network for content distribution, based on Bittorrent protocol.2017-11-24
Peerguess ICO Logo Peerguess ICOPeerguess is a free cryptocurrency price ticker application designed to answer the most important trading question: “Will Bitcoin increase or decrease in the next 24 hours?”. You will guess future prices to earn gems, learn about community tendencies and have access to the sophisticated data to improve your intuition. 2017-11-24
CoffeeCoin Utility Token Sale Logo CoffeeCoin Utility Token SaleCoffeeCoin is the utility token on the Waves network that works as the fuel for CoffeeChain.io - the world's first blockchain-powered trading platform for the global specialty coffee market.2017-11-24Whitepaper
Remechain Pre-ICO Logo Remechain Pre-ICOBuyer-Suppliers Ecosystem for successful interaction in the global turnover of secondary raw materials2017-11-25
ZEUS Pre-ICO Logo ZEUS Pre-ICOProject combines garbage recycling factory which generates electricity from waste products and mining farm that works on that electricity. It is not only eco cryptocurrency mining, but also sale of heat, fertilizers and recycled materials.2017-11-25
MyWish Logo MyWishMywish.io — platform is an ecosystem of smart contracts accumulating a complex of blockchain solutions designed to integrate high technologies into the real sector.2017-11-25
Opporty Pre-Sale Logo Opporty Pre-SaleOpporty is a decentralized service marketplace and self-regulated knowledge-sharing community platform. By offering blockchain-powered smart contracts and a decentralized Escrow system, Opporty puts client-contractor relations on the blockchain.2017-11-26
Multibot Logo MultibotA multi-functional multi-threaded trading platform in the cloud2017-11-26
Xenio Logo XenioDecentralized & open source gaming and distribution platform. Proof of Networking provides XNO coins in exchange for participating in the network. The blockchain creates powerful new smart contract-based features and gives gamers full access to the system.2017-11-27
trade.io Pre-ICO Logo trade.io Pre-ICOtrade.io revolutionizes the trading industry with the introduction of blockchain technology. Ground breaking features such as a liquidity pool allowing all of the platform’s members to have a share in its profits on a daily basis set it apart.2017-11-27
GATCOIN Pre-Sale Logo GATCOIN Pre-SaleGATCOIN is a distributed retail shopping platform that enables retailers to issue digital tokens representing liquid, tradable shopping incentives, such as loyalty points, discounts, and rewards.2017-11-28
Tokenbox ICO Logo Tokenbox ICOTokenbox is a unique ecosystem that brings together crypto-currency funds under the management of professional portfolio managers and traders on the one hand and investors on the other.2017-11-28Whitepaper
WAX Pre-Sale Logo WAX Pre-SaleWAX is a decentralized platform that enables anyone to operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace with zero investment in security, infrastructure, or payment processing. Developed by the founders of OPSkins, the world’s leading marketplace for online video game assets, WAX is designed to serve the 400+ million online players who already collect, buy and sell. With the inclusion of WAX’s simple exchange widget, gamers will have access to a worldwide market, with blockchain trust and transaction verification.

Project is 95% funded with 2 weeks left from the initial ICO.
Dmarket ICO Logo Dmarket ICODMarket is a global marketplace solution to turn every virtual item into real commodity. It is a new ecosystem where gamers, developers and entrepreneurs can efficiently and securely evaluate and trade virtual items.2017-11-28Whitepaper
Bonpay Logo BonpayBonpay is blockchain powered wallet and debit card service for variety of cryptocurrencies, that makes transactions as simple as possible.2017-11-28
SINERGIA Logo SINERGIASINERGIA BLOCKCHAIN is an International Association, non-profit organization, legally incorporated in Colombia. It will be the first blockchain technology laboratory in Latin America, generating economic, technological and social value.2017-11-29
Snovio ICO Logo Snovio ICOSnovio is the world’s first decentralized sourcing and lead generation service, providing high-quality leads thanks to the use of blockchain technology and crowdsourcing data collection methods.2017-11-30
Acuitty Exchange Pre-Sale and ICO Logo Acuitty Exchange Pre-Sale and ICOA Global Services Exchange for buying and selling a wide variety of services. Will first start with a focus on the $500 Billion consulting and technology services market. 2017-11-30Whitepaper
Paycent Pre-ICO and Token Sale Logo Paycent Pre-ICO and Token SalePaycent is a global mobile dual e-wallet that can be funded by cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin) with high liquidity and fiat currencies within the same mobile application. This allows the cryptocurrencies holders multiple avenues of spend and straddle the world of fiat and cryptocurrencies. By having integrated fiat and crypto mobile wallets, plus the option of having a debit card linked to Paycent, this opens 200 countries and 36 million points that Paycent is accepted.2017-11-30
Game.com ICO Logo Game.com ICODay One for Game.com is all about a strategy for globalization, and creating the foundation of an ICO service for the global game industry. We’re here to serve the global market! It’s all about leading the global game industry in a new direction!

Visit our website and JOIN ICO NOW: game.com
Hacken ICO Logo Hacken ICOThe Hacken Ecosystem is decetralized marketplace for Hackers. It consists of the HackenProof bug bounty marketplace, Unreported Zero-Day Remuneration Platform, Hacken Cybersecurity Startups Incubator, Cybersecurity Analytics Center and HackIT Conference.2017-11-30
Escroco Logo EscrocoAn Escrow and insurance service that aim to connect investors with borrowers in a way that lower the risk and maximize the profit and that is through building a system that eliminate the common problem that often take place between investors and borrowers.2017-11-30
CryptoSoft CrowdSale50! Logo CryptoSoft CrowdSale50!CryptoSoft is a complete cryptoCurrency mining ecosystem and it's main goal is to make mining more accessible, more profitable and safer on the long term. 2017-11-30
Silberpfeil Token Sale Logo Silberpfeil Token SaleSILBERPFEIL issues AMG tokens, which are exchangeable for SILBERPFEIL products or conversion to token-bonuses. Bonuses accumulate from each sold can and depend on the total amount of produced cans.2017-11-30
Presearch Lot 5 Logo Presearch Lot 5WHAT IS PRESEARCH?

Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform.
Swarm Market Token Sale Logo Swarm Market Token SaleSwarm Market is the first decentralized security marketplace where potential threats are detected in real-time by thousands of specialized experts around the world. Threats come from every angle; threat protection should too.2017-11-30
Universa Blockchain ICO Logo Universa Blockchain ICOUniversa Blockchain is a protocol and a blockchain platform for creating business applications aiming at solution of real sector economy problems. It is possible to process 22 thousand operations per second on the platform.2017-11-30
CopPay Token sale  Logo CopPay Token saleMulticryptocurrency payment platform for business, consumers & community. First of all, CopPay brings practical and already working solutions to the payment industry enabling customers to pay with their cryptocurrency without any fees. Moreover, it gives merchant the option to receive payments both with cryptocurrencies and FIAT. API adapts to the local legislative and taxation requirements and ensures fast, secure and legally compliant transactions. This facilitates development of crypto economy and brings it to the mainstream usage.2017-11-30
Playkey ICO Logo Playkey ICOPlaykey is a game virtualization service that shares the powerful home computers of blockchain enthusiast with gamers around the world. The service caters for gamers who are not able to launch the latest AAA PC game titles due to their low end computers.2017-11-30
Crypto 20 ICO Logo Crypto 20 ICOCRYPTO20 is the world’s first cryptocurrency-only tokenized index fund. The fund will autonomously invest and rebalance a diverse portfolio of the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.2017-11-30
Lucyd ICO Logo Lucyd ICOOur mission is to make truly user-friendly smartglasses, and a blockchain-based AR app ecosystem. Lucyd owns a portfolio of 13 unique, AR patents that will allow for the development of an interactive AR display that appears like a normal pair of glasses.2017-11-30
esports.com ICO Logo esports.com ICOWe'll create the biggest eSports portal in the world. This experience will enable our friends and fans to share, curate and enjoy content together, or participate in and contribute to events. Our portal has 3 areas: Education, Entertainment and Statistics.2017-11-30
Peerity Crowdfund Logo Peerity CrowdfundPeerity.io is a platform where communities can come to life. Users and communities will get rewarded for their on and offline activity with the Peerity crypto token.2017-11-30
MedCredits Token Sale Logo MedCredits Token SaleMedCredits is a blockchain-powered platform connecting patients and doctors worldwide on a decentralized healthcare network. The first software release 'Hippocrates' will connect patients to dermatologists for fast diagnoses at a fraction of the cost.2017-11-30
Trive ICO Logo Trive ICOTrive kills fake news with crowds and crypto. We source crowds to do primary research into news stories, compensate them with Trive coin and hash/stash the results on the blockchain. We monetize it for $1/month for our customers.2017-12-01
Christ Coin Crowdfund Logo Christ Coin CrowdfundChrist Coin is the first Decentralized Christian Cryptocurrency. You can "mine" it by reading the bible, post/view content and interact with the community on the Life Change Platform. We offer a quarterly buyback and burn of tokens from revenue.2017-12-01
Our Coin Classic ICo Logo Our Coin Classic ICoOurCoin Classic supports solutions for sustainable living and climate change via a DnAO structure to fund groundbreaking pioneers of environmentally progressive solutions and empower consumers to direct their purchasing power to sustainably produced goods.2017-12-01
YUPIE ICO Logo YUPIE ICOCrowdholding is a decentralized, open innovation platform. By connecting entrepreneurs with the public, the enormous untapped potential of the crowd is unleashed. Their coin will be YUPIE and there's currently an ICO undergoing.

When does it start?
1st November 2017, 10:00:00 (UTC)

When does it end?
1st December 2017, 22:00:00 (UTC)

Success threshold
$1 million (USD)

Hard cap
$50 million (USD)

Token price
1 ETH = 1000 YUPIES (before bonuses)

Total supply
631,000,000 (631 million) tokens

No. All unsold tokens will be destroyed
Publica Pre-Sale and ICO Logo Publica Pre-Sale and ICOPublica aims to bring the publishing economy into the blockchain revolution. Publica's platform will host book crowdfunding, online marketplaces (ecommerce), apps, ereaders and ewriters doing double-duty as digital wallets.2017-12-01
Dmarket ICO Logo Rockchain ICORockchain – The Ethereum Data Privacy Protocols
1. The only Ethereum Data Privacy solution today
2. Unlocking the Blockchain potential for enterprise usage.
3. A second-layer infrastructure needed by the Ethereum community.
4. dAppbox in Alpha Version, already deployed on some customers sites.
Mithril Ore ICO Logo Mithril Ore ICOMithril Ore is a novel token in multiple ways. Ether-backed and pooled. Limited token-mint with even more scarce items. Token-buybacks/consolidation into limited edition rare concentrated ether-backed tokens annually. Collectible tokens. 2017-12-01
Simple Token ICO Logo Simple Token ICOAn ecosystem and software suite that lets mainstream consumer applications launch their own tokens. Presale underway.2017-12-01Whitepaper
Proof - Token Sale Logo Proof - Token SaleThe Proof Suite platform serves thousands of users, managing and trading their asset-backed cryptocurrencies. The next iteration of Proof is a completely decentralized, censorship-resistant environment for real world assets and fiat currencies.2017-12-01
Bitcomo Pre-ICO Logo Bitcomo Pre-ICOBitcomo plans to create a smart contract-based advertising model in which payment is due once results have been delivered (such as investment in an ICO, newsletter subscription, visiting a pre-ICO landing page or generating a smart contract-triggered sale).2017-12-01
Wealthium TokenSale Logo Wealthium TokenSaleMake investment intelligence accessible and empower people to grow their wealth.2017-12-03
ARNA Panacea Logo ARNA PanaceaARNA Panacea - Blockchain Biotech Ecosystem inspired by 1st disruptive breast cancer test ARNA BC2017-12-03
VerifyUnion ICO  Logo VerifyUnion ICOVerifyUnion has developed a unique portfolio for all users, which returns a “True Value” to make digital identification easier and to earn UC Coin tokens while getting verified.2017-12-03
Vezt Token-Generating Event Logo Vezt Token-Generating EventVezt lets music fans share ownership with artists in their favorite songs. It is a revolutionary new platform that allows them to easily capitalize on their work by choosing portions of their songs to offer for sale to fans, rights-buyers and brands.2017-12-03
BitRootZ Logo BitRootZProject Type: Token. Platform: Ethereum. Category: Trading & Investing. Location: Hong Kong. Total Supply: 50,000,0002017-12-04
TopiaCoin Logo TopiaCoinTopiaCoin will fund development of the first globally available secure decentralized file sharing infrastructure (SDFS), created to fulfill Topia Technology’s mission to ensure individuals, businesses, and other organizations can control their data.2017-12-04
Inspeer Logo InspeerA Peer-to-peer lending service that works with Cryptocurrency and Fiat2017-12-04
Titan Coin ICO Logo Titan Coin ICOInvestors have invested in Titan Coin more than $500 thousand for the first day of pre-ICO2017-12-04
Cashaa Pre-Sale and ICO Logo Cashaa Pre-Sale and ICOCashaa is a gateway to consumer-centric and affordable financial products aimed at consumer adoption of Blockchain without having to understand the technical details of Blockchain technology.2017-12-05
fidentiaX Crowd Token Contribution Logo fidentiaX Crowd Token ContributionWorld's 1st Marketplace for Tradable Insurance Policies2017-12-05
Global Jobcoin ICO Logo Global Jobcoin ICOGlobal Jobcoin for Employers and Employees. A decentralized coin to pay for services related to employment integrated into successful and profitable international Job platforms of Jobstoday. Jobstoday is one of the leading Job platforms in Switzerland, Germany, Poland and Austria. More than 5000 employers worldwide use the Jobstoday platforms and over 1 Million users are registered on Jobstoday. Global Jobcoin token holders will receive 20% of Jobstoday profits as dividends, every quarter.2017-12-06
indaHash Pre-ICO Logo indaHash ICOThe award winning app with a 130 person team, in 7 countries, connecting brands with 300 000 influencers. indaHash is now set to tokenize the influencer industry via indaHash Coin.2017-12-06Whitepaper
Amical Properties ICO Logo Amical Properties ICOAmical is building a custom blockchain distributed ledger that will keep an immutable record of digital asset registrations and transfers.2017-12-06
Wishfinance ICO Logo Wishfinance ICOBlockchain lending platform for SMEs2017-12-07
Leverj Logo LeverjLeverj decentralizes the most desirable features of derivatives trading by implementing them in crypto & eliminating points of friction. With a focus on derivatives trading & supporting ecosystem, Leverj has taken the approach of defining product first.2017-12-07
GEE Token Sale Logo GEE Token SalePrivacy focused document storage with blockchain timestamping services2017-12-07
Peerguess Pre-ICO Logo Peerguess Pre-ICOPeerguess is a free cryptocurrency price ticker application designed to answer the most important trading question: “Will Bitcoin increase or decrease in the next 24 hours?”. You will guess future prices to earn gems, learn about community tendencies and have access to the sophisticated data to improve your intuition. 2017-12-08Whitepaper
BitClave ICO Logo BitClave ICODecentralized search system that pays users for requests and works without third entity.2017-12-08
Munchee ICO Logo Munchee ICOMunchee Platform- founded by a team of Ex-Googlers, PhDs and U.S. Patent holders, aims to eliminate bias in review and review manipulation, and to incentivize users for their participation in the ecosystem.2017-12-08
Monaize - Banking meets Blockchain  Logo Monaize - Banking meets BlockchainE-banking that provides a mobile-first current account and Business Mastercard for freelancers and small businesses.2017-12-09
Sharpe Capital Crowdsale Logo
Sharpe Capital Crowdsale
Sharpe Capital is an investment fund, utilising cutting-edge Machine Learning strategies. We're crowdsourcing sentiment analysis via Ethereum, and recording our investments on the blockchain, such that payments are automatically issued to token holders.2017-12-10Whitepaper
DIMND PRE-ICO Logo DIMND PRE-ICOEach Ethereum based DIMND token will be represented by diamonds (0.001 carat). Diamonds prices going up at 4%-6% a year, so DIMND is safe long term investment and short term trading mechanism. DIMDNs can be redeemed for natural polished diamonds.2017-12-10
SRG Community ICO Logo SRG Community ICOSRG - a decentralized loyalty program for online applications built on blockchain technology2017-12-10
Fiinu ICO Logo Fiinu ICOA fully licensed UK bank, bridging the gap between traditional banking and the blockchain-based industries, currently undergoing the Bank of England’s authorisation process.2017-12-10
STASH Logo STASHSTASH: Easy, Instant, Private2017-12-12
SmartHoldem ICO Logo SmartHoldem ICOGaming Platform for players and developers with the fastest blockchain.
Escrow Inluded, smartholdem.io/
Have fully working prototypes of games, many years have developed games on Steam
2-level delegated PoS ICO Ends 12 dec 2017
ExchangeCoin ICO Logo ExchangeCoin ICOExchangeCoin is a coin that is being announced to raise funds and create the blockchain-based exchange. But it is not all, we also offer investment opportunities to our members.2017-12-13
Delphi Markets Logo Delphi MarketsDelphi Markets2017-12-15
ILCoin Token Logo ILCoin TokenWe will be the first Cryptocurrency SHA-256 Proof-of-Work to develop Smart Contracts ILCOIN is not a promise, it's a reality. Our coin is already in two exchange sites and has an established value in the market.2017-12-15
AML Bitcoin ICO Logo AML Bitcoin ICOAML BitCoin is the first AML KYC compliant coin for legitimate financial use on a global scale.2017-12-15
Coinlancer ICO Logo Coinlancer ICOA blockchain platform for effective freelancing and secure peer-to-peer exchanges.2017-12-15
VISO Token Sale Logo VISO Token SaleUse VISO to make cryptocurrency payments from anywhere2017-12-15
4NEW ICO Logo 4NEW ICOThe world's first eco-friendly, tangible, Waste to Energy blockchain solution2017-12-15
Adpump ICO  Logo Adpump ICO We are launching ICO to create Adpump Blockchain Affiliate Marketplace! Digital marketing vitally needs a safe and fast blockchain affiliate marketplace based on smart contract with own coins to pay for membership, traffic and instant exhange in other cryptocurrencies.2017-12-15
Goal Bonanza  Logo Goal BonanzaGoal Bonanza online football revolution. Offering 66.67% Discount and 60% Profit Sharing on our Pre-Sale. Mode of Payment: BTC, LTC and ETH2017-12-15
online startup accelerator Logo online startup acceleratorRocket ICO is the world's first online startup accelerator based on the principles of DAO.
Such model creates a new paradigm for safe and effective interaction between project teams, investors and experts so they can create and launch successful projects.
Forty Seven ICO Logo Forty Seven ICOForty Seven is a unique project built to create a modern universal bank both for users of cryptocurrencies and adherents of the traditional monetary system; a bank that will be acknowledged by international financial organisations; a bank that will correspond to all the requirements of regulators.

Abbreviation: FSBT.
Control over emission: is provided by the system of interconnected smart contracts.
Rate: Fixed, value of one token – 0.0047 ETH.

Maximum amount of tokens to be generated: 55 319 149 FSBT (incl. bonus tokens, tokens for bounty and founders).
Minimum budget to start the project: 18 000 ETH (5M EUR).
Hardcap: 180 000 ETH (50M EUR).

Accepted cryptocurrencies on ICO: ETH, BTC.

ICO round 1: November 16 – December 16, 2017.
ICO round 2, 3: Q1 2018 (TBD).
TriForce Tokens Logo TriForce TokensImagine a gaming community that is so collaborative, interactive, you as a player can create your own destiny and wealth. What if, as a developer you could easily integrate into a platform that introduces new revenue models? This is TriForce Tokens.2017-12-16
XRED ICO Logo XRED ICOXRED: The First Cryptocurrency fund for real estate development and investment. The X Real Estate Development project (XRED) aims to develop a technological and organisational model for the real estate development market based on blockchain technology.2017-12-16
Global Crypto Bank Logo Global Crypto BankBank of the future combining convenience of plastic cards and independence of blockchain for 2 billion transactions Global Crypto Bank is founded under the jurisdiction of Switzerland.2017-12-16
Cooonet Logo CooonetOnline learning and digital services marketplace. Peer-to-peer, global.2017-12-17
Asteroid ICO Logo Asteroid ICOAsteroid, Ltd. will Democratize Space through a new blockchain mechanism called BlockClaim®. A BlockClaim® will allow any private individual, company and nation state the ability to claim and share in the vast wealth within our near celestial orbit.2017-12-18
PayperEx Pre-Sale & ICO Logo PayperEx Pre-Sale & ICOThe PayperEx network is going to decentralize the share market by creating an alternative trading network using blockchain technology. PayperEx’s goal is to give people from all over the world a fair, easy and affordable chance to enjoy the benefits of the share market by buying 'Paypers'.2017-12-19
Miniapps.ICO Logo Miniapps.ICOMiniApps.pro is a chatbot platform and blockchain-based marketplace for chatbot developers, their clients and partners. We make AI, Machine Learning, and Chatbot technologies affordable for a broad market of small enterprises around the world.2017-12-19
EtherSport ICO Logo EtherSport ICOEtherSport ICO2017-12-20
Connectius Logo ConnectiusConnectius is Blockchain as as service solution, that can be easily integrated in the any existing e-commerce. 2017-12-20
kevin. Logo kevin.kevin. is an innovative online banking service, that allows to easily link and manage different crypto accounts and bank accounts, including bank accounts located in different banks. 2017-12-22
Walnuts ICO  Logo Walnuts ICOWalnuts ICO, a Coin Traded Funded(CTF) and Coin Managed Fund (CMF) focused on investing in high-tech startups leveraging Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.2017-12-22
ICO DAO Playmarket 2.0 Logo ICO DAO Playmarket 2.0PlayMarket 2.0 is a decentralized Android app store, combined with an ICO developer platform, crypto exchange, that accepts payment in cryptocurrency.2017-12-29
NAU Pre-Sale and ICO Logo NAU Pre-Sale and ICONAU is the platform that directly connects customers and retailers using blockchain
technology to guarantee transparency and reliability.
SpaceICO Logo SpaceICOCrowdsale platform who shares 90% of the profit with token holders.2017-12-30
Finom Pre-Sale Logo Finom Pre-SaleThe largest tokenized equity offering compliant with us regulations.

The first tokenized equity compliant with US regulations
Accepted currencies: EUR, USD, BTC, ETH
Exxor ICO Logo Exxor ICOExxor’s vision is to connect all the world devices into a single DAG based network. EXX is a cryptocurrency for Internet Of Things.2017-12-30
IMmune Coin (IMC) Pre-ICO Logo IMmune Coin (IMC) Pre-ICOEveryone is worthy of having the freedom from diseases! The IMC team is committed to combining artificial intelligence and immune biotechnology for the development of antibody drugs, hoping to improve the quality of health and extend active lifespans of humans. Our team possesses core technologies in big data analysis, artificial intelligence prediction, computer-aided drug design, and next-generation gene sequencing.2017-12-30
G10 Coin Pre-ICO Logo G10 Coin Pre-ICOG10 is Blockchain 2.0. The Global Digital Currency & Ecosystem.
Designed with A.I, security and governance at its core. G10 Coin has global ambitions to become the first and only globally endorsed digital currency & decentralised ecosystem.
WhenHub Token Sale Logo WhenHub Token SaleWhenHub connects consumers to experts on demand for using secure blockchain micro contracts for frictionless payments and scheduling. Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, is one of the company's co-founders.2017-12-31
ChainTrade ICO Logo ChainTrade ICOChainTrade is the first blockchain-based platform to trade food and raw materials. Today's exchanges are centralized, expensive, and reserved to a few investors. Thanks to the blockchain, we will free this market of 2 trillion USD annually!2017-12-31
Index Coin ICO Logo Index Coin ICOThe Digital Currency Index Coin gives you direct access to the Top 30 Digital Currencies evaluated by their market cap and project scope to ensure you’re diversified for long term market sustainability.2017-12-31
Adshares ICO Logo Adshares ICOAdshares Network is a decentralized, peer-to-peer market for programmatic advertising. Adshares gives advertisers and publishers ability to trade directly without the need for centralized ad exchanges.2017-12-31
ExMachina Coin ICO Logo ExMachina Coin ICOEXM(Ex Machina Coin) is a crypto currency created on the basis of a deep learning system (the system technology that computer systems learn and develop on their own).2017-12-31
GTCoin ICO Logo GTCoin ICOGTCoin is built for Gamers to buy games, hardware and in-game content. Gamers are renowned as early adopters — cryptocurrency is no exception. Gamers can earn GTCoins by simply testing games when they register on GameTester.co.2018-01-07
MOLD ICO Logo MOLD ICOMOLD is actively aiming for a decentralized game community where everyone in it can vote to decide how the community goes, earn their gaming rewards; publish their brilliant ideas then get crowdfunded.2018-01-09
Tokens.Property ICO Logo Tokens.Property ICOTokens.Property is clear, transparent. Stamped on the public blockchain. It's like Bitcoin, but 100% backed with real estate.

TOPY cryptocurrency, directly backed to real estate. The best of all worlds: Real Estate Crowdfunding that uses Blockchain.
ABT Decentralised Web Services - ICO Logo ABT Decentralised Web Services - ICOABT provides a decentralised browsing web services protocol:

- Secured Digital Identity and Login
- Bookmarks and Boards Management
- Domain Name System Services
- Automatic payment Subscription
Crypterium ICO Logo Crypterium ICOCrypterium is revolutionary digital mobile cryptobank. Crypterium is aiming on provision of comprehensive vertical integrated services, considering collaboration with other cryptocurrency solutions and teams of blockchain enthusiasts.2018-01-14
STK Pre-Sale and ICO Logo STK Pre-Sale and ICOSTK will conduct a TGE and will make the STK token available for purchase on the token sale site (www.stktoken.com). The STK token will enable real time point of sale (POS) transactions directly from users’ private cryptocurrency wallets. 2018-01-14
Bank4YOU Group ICO Logo Bank4YOU Group ICOMobile Money Remittance System - first convergence of cryptocurrencies with mobile network operator’s accounts based on blockchain2018-01-31
Jury.Online ICO Logo Jury.Online ICOJury.online enables users to make deals that, if any party is dissatisfied, are reviewed by a panel of jurors that deliver a judgement in favour of one of the parties. Jury.online also gives any person with expertise in a certain field the opportunity to use their experience and knowledge for paid dispute resolution.2018-03-14Whitepaper
Bitether ICO Logo Bitether ICOBitether ICO has below listed unique features
1) Crytpo Mutual Fund Concept
2) Quarterly Dividend Policy
3) Unique Distribution Method (25 years and 6 months)
4) Redemption on Crytpo e mall (First ever in crypto world) Etc
Moosecoin ICO Logo Moosecoin ICOWe are creating a decentralised organisation for musicians to cover for every aspect of a musicians’ career; from start to finish. We would like to be the most used blockchain platform facilitating new musicians and all ecosystem partners around them.2018-03-28
Memessenger ICO Logo Memessenger ICOF$CK WORDS USE MEMES
The Memessenger - world's first messenger with memes instead of words.
BitChamps ICOBitChamps is an experimental new crypto-currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. BitChamps an open decentralized crypto-currency. Anyone interested can join BitChamps network and take part in currency development. December 7th, 2017Whitepaper
MatrixCoin ICOMatrixCoin aims to offer robust mining solutions to increase wealth in a very short span of time. Our solutions ensure that you do not have to depend upon any 3rd party integration, hence you always stay secured.2017-11-30Whitepaper
Holdme ICOHOLDME is an AI Live Chat Bot on Blockchain powered by Social Synergy Platform. Where you are the partner and the decision maker!2017-12-15Whitepaper

Upcoming ICO

ICO NameICO DescriptionICO Start Date
Cryptonetix ICO Logo Cryptonetix ICOCryptonetix will be the foremost blockchain asset management, analytics, funding and educational platform for the rapidly growing cryptocurrency markets.2017-11-15
LevelNet ICO Logo LevelNet ICOLevelNet is the network of collective information security. Revolutionary peer to peer cyber protection network growing stronger with every new member.2017-11-15
Binary.com ICO Logo Binary.com ICOA unique ICO that’s offering securities-backed tokens with real economic benefits. The tokens entitle the holder to receive dividend-linked payments and carry economic benefits that are equivalent to ordinary shares2017-11-15
Finom Token Sale Logo Finom Token SaleThe largest tokenized equity offering compliant with us regulations2017-11-15
ICO Flying Money Logo ICO Flying MoneyDirect competitor to Tether.to

Flying Money is creating 100% Cash Backed Digital Currency Tokens. (FML). Currency Tokens will be in USD, EUR, YEN.

White Paper is at www.flyingmoney.io
MilkCoin ICO Logo MilkCoin ICOThe biggest real business enterprise conducting that has ever conducted an ICO. The project is gathering investments to build a milk production complex in Voronezh, Russia. 2017-11-15
HOLDME ICO Logo HOLDME ICOHOLDME is an Artificial Intelligence Revolution Live Chat software powered by Ethereum Blockchain.
Completely new ICTO structure with the ERC23 Standard Smart Contracts.
HOLDME combines a unique knowledge about an AI and blockchain.
Stars Group ICO Logo Stars Group ICOStars Group seeks to disrupt the football (soccer) industry with STARS token - a sports club-backed token that will be utilized to conduct transactions within professional football clubs2017-11-15
SERENITY FINANCIAL Logo SERENITY FINANCIALSERENITY FINANCIAL is a blokchain-secured marketplace for those who trade fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. The platform records all trades in blockchain, serving as an arbitrator in disputes, storing funds on smart contracts and taking care of KYC.2017-11-15
Guaranteed Entrance Token ICO Logo Guaranteed Entrance Token ICOGUTS is a ticketing system which uses blockchain technology to register ownership of SMART-tickets. GUTS makes ticket fraud impossible. The ticket can only be resold at a fixed price, so no more disgraceful prices for (secondary) tickets.2017-11-15
Aigang Token Sale Logo Aigang Token SaleCompletely redesigns the traditional insurance process & makes it available for the IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Aigang is set to be the decentralized marketplace
- allowing you to invest in digital insurance as well as buy it.
TraderStars.io Logo TraderStars.ioTraderStars.io is the first and only platform that allows users around the world to compete with each other by trading in all available markets, with high prize potential, without risking own money.2017-11-15
Freedom Streaming Logo Freedom StreamingFreedom Streaming offers a full live streaming platform that allows you to stream from anywhere in the world, uncensored, safe, and anonymous. We take your privacy seriously.2017-11-15
Bazista Pre-ICO Logo Bazista Pre-ICOBazista is the first B2C and C2C trading platform empowering nowdays E-Commerce industry with digital assets. Bazista aiming to create an infrastructure for Bitcoin and blockchain driven community.2017-11-15
Prosense ICO Logo Prosense ICOPROSENSE.TV is a working business with an already existing highly functional platform for filming, transporting and viewing professional VR broadcasts. PROSENSE.TV transforms the technology of centralized content delivery into a global decentralized peer-to-peer ProsenseLive platform with a payment collection system in which intellectual property rights are protected by blockchain cryptography and all transactions are confidential.2017-11-16
SocialMedia.Market  Logo SocialMedia.MarketInfluencer Marketing advertising platform2017-11-16
CLOUT Token Sale Logo CLOUT Token SaleThe CLOUT Network hosts a wide variety of news and media articles about the blockchain. You will find articles on crypto investments and even a detailed up to date analysis of all upcoming ICOs! For the first time, influential members of the cryptocurrency community will be acknowledged in CLOUTs Who's Who section, giving them the recognition they deserve for their positive contributions to the community. Newcomers to the world of crypto will also find helpful content to assist them in getting started!2017-11-17
Neufund ICBM Logo Neufund ICBMNeufund is a community-owned fundraising platform.2017-11-17
Earth Token Pre-Sale Logo Earth Token Pre-SaleA decentralised blockchain based natural asset exchange with an accompanying Earth Token (ETN) cryptocurrency allowing stakeholders in the USD $120 trillion natural capital value chain to explore vast untapped market segments.2017-11-17
REALISTO Pre-Sale and ICO Logo REALISTO Pre-Sale and ICOREALISTO is a decentralized real estate investing platform dedicated to crowdfunding the world’s best real estate opportunities.2017-11-17
Galaxy eSolutions ICO  Logo Galaxy eSolutions ICOPositioned as a ‘Green’ company, Galaxy eSolutions (GES) is a global e-commerce marketplace for refurbished pre-owned consumer electronics. A simple solution for easy and secure e-commerce transactions across global markets.2017-11-17
MindSports IO Pre-Sale Logo MindSports IO Pre-SalePowered by the Ethereum blockchain, the decentralized social gaming network allows users to host, play and govern online rated intellectual games such as Chess, Checkers, Xiangqi, Bridge and Go.2017-11-17
Genaro Support Program Token Sale Logo Genaro Support Program Token SaleGenaro Network: Genaro Network is the first blockchain 3.0 ecosystem built on a Turing-complete public chain with decentralized storage.2017-11-17
Mirocana Token Sale Logo Mirocana Token Sale"Mirocana is a complex predicting system based on deep-learning neural nets that collect, store and analyse huge volumes of financial data. We created three investment products based on system's predictions for stock, currency and crypto-currency markets.2017-11-19
Naga Group Pre-Sale Logo Naga Group Pre-SaleNAGA is a public listed, EU-regulated German Fintech company with trading-platforms for financial markets and virtual goods, a market cap of more than 200m Euros, millions in revenues and billions in trading volume every month. Investments and trading are ruled and governed by greedy banks and corporates that control access, operate non-transparent and always take a cut of your money. At NAGA we are about to change that. By introducing the NAGA COIN, we are on a mission to revolutionize the outdated banking sector. The financial markets are about to change, and we embrace that.2017-11-19
MediBloc Token Sale Logo MediBloc Token SaleMediBloc’s healthcare information platform is a personal data ecosystem for patients, providers and researchers, built on blockchain technology.2017-11-20
FundRequest ICO Logo FundRequest ICOFundRequest is an integrated platform where developers can get compensated for their work and where people can incentivise developers to address bugs, or contribute to a particular feature, via crowdfunding on the Ethereum blockchain.2017-11-20
CrowdWiz Token-Sale Logo CrowdWiz Token-SaleCrowdWiz is a next generation decentralized investments ecosystem, based on Ethereum.2017-11-20
SISA ICO Logo SISA ICOSISA wants to provide a disintermediate, decentralized and democratic access to a sophisticated platform to casual investor which is previously reserved to wealthy and well connected class.2017-11-20
injii Access Coin Crowdsale Logo injii Access Coin CrowdsaleThe injii platform reduces the cost of fundraising by connecting content creators with charities. Through the use of an open-sourced broadcast, injii enables users to interact, donate and engage in decentralized content for the greater good.2017-11-20
TeleX AI ICO Logo TeleX AI ICOTeleX AI is a BTC and ETH exchange chatbot for Telegram. Buy and sell cryptocurrency easily without downloading extra apps.2017-11-21
DropDeck ICO Logo DropDeck ICODropDeck scores and ranks fundraising companies using an AI engine based on all available data sources. By issuing tokens and deploying smart contracts, we can perfect an "incentive ecosystem" that unleash the full power of AI-human collaboration.2017-11-21
MARK.SPACE ICO Logo MARK.SPACE ICOMARK.SPACE is an eco-system allowing users from all over the world to communicate with each other in a social and economic way, create new content, consume goods and services from the other users of the platform.2017-11-21
SportyFi Token Sale Logo SportyFi Token SaleDecentralized sports investment & funding ecosystem, disrupting the $1.3 trillion sports industry.2017-11-21
CyberMiles Token Contribution Event Logo CyberMiles Token Contribution EventCyberMiles is empowering the decentralization of the online marketplace. It's a new blockchain protocol being developed for the sole purpose of revolutionizing how digital commerce and online marketplaces work.2017-11-21
Human Discovery Platform ICO Logo Human Discovery Platform ICODecentralized system to create complex methodics of human personality analysis powered by blockchain2017-11-22
Mavin Logo MavinMavin is a reward-based influencer marketing ecosystem on blockchain.2017-11-22
Flowfeed ICO Logo Flowfeed ICOFlowfeed aims to be the number one social platform/marketplace globally to buy and sell valuable content and information.2017-11-22
Signals Pre-Sale Logo Signals Pre-SaleData science-powered marketplace to help you discover, create and monetize cryptocurrency trading strategies driven by machine learning, crowd wisdom and decentralized supercomputing power.2017-11-22
Modulum ICO Logo Modulum ICOModulum is the first modular IoT device connected to blockchains.2017-11-22
Digmus ICO Logo Digmus ICOTurnover in the counterfeit market amounts to over US$600 billion annually. Digmus is a platform to help mitigate this scourge, win back profit for businesses, and aid customers in their enjoyment of an original brand experience.2017-11-24
BitRent ICO Logo BitRent ICOWe're launching the first construction platform that is meant to facilitate building and monitoring of commercial, private and residential real estate objects under construction. Be in total control over all stages of construction process online.2017-11-24
Gimmer Pre-Sale Logo Gimmer Pre-SaleGimmer offers easy-to-use advanced algorithmic trading bots that require no programming skills, no previous trading experience and no in-depth knowledge of cryptos.
Perfect for traders and investors who want profit and can't watch the markets all day.
Gladius Public Pre-Sale Logo Gladius Public Pre-SaleGladius is the decentralized solution to protect against DDoS attacks by allowing you to connect to protection pools near you to provide better protection and accelerate your content. With an easy to use interface as well as powerful insight tools, Gladius enables anyone to protect and accelerate their website.2017-11-24
ETHLend ICO Logo ETHLend ICOETHLend seeks to create a free market for decentralised lending, evolving the way we see and use loans. Enabling collateralised loans across borders on blockchain
CanYa ICO Logo CanYa ICOCanYa is a peer to peer market of skilled services - where users are instantly connected to service providers.2017-11-26
Local World Forwarders ICO Logo Local World Forwarders ICOThe first decentralized logistics platform in the world2017-11-27
INS Ecosystem ICO Logo INS Ecosystem ICOA scalable blockchain-based platform that enables consumers to buy groceries directly from manufacturers at lower prices, with convenience. The INS ecosystem has been validated by consumer interest and has received strong support from manufacturers.2017-11-27
Opporty ICO Logo Opporty ICOOpporty is a decentralized service marketplace and self-regulated knowledge-sharing community platform. By offering blockchain-powered smart contracts and a decentralized Escrow system, Opporty puts client-contractor relations on the blockchain.2017-11-27
Jibrel Network Token Sale Logo Jibrel Network Token SaleThe Jibrel Network provides traditional financial assets, such as currencies, commodities and bonds, as standard ERC-20 tokens, on the Ethereum blockchain.2017-11-27
CYBERTRUST Pre-Sale Logo CYBERTRUST Pre-SaleWe help Banks buy Bitcoin2017-11-27
VLB Logo VLBVLB Tokens streamline the $1.8 trillion vehicle lifecycle industry. Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain creates cost saving & operations optimization for auto industry players. Value of these opportunities exceeds VLB Tokens value at ICO by multiple orders2017-11-27
SolidOpinion Engagement Token ICO  Logo SolidOpinion Engagement Token ICOSolidOpinion is a success platform company with
- 4.2 Million+ Users
- 200M+ monthly views
- Digital currency 100,000+ monthly transactions
- Client sites include: L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun etc.
- $7.7MM funding from VC and Publishers
MIRA Logo MIRAMira is a software suite for buying, storing and sending cryptocurrencies.2017-11-27
CommerceBlock Token Generation Event Logo CommerceBlock Token Generation EventWe are building the first technology platform to bring a combination of trust minimal trade, decentralized contract execution, on-chain derivatives and asset backed token issuance to public blockchains.2017-11-28
BANKEX Token Sale Logo BANKEX Token SaleBANKEX is building a new blockchain technology that allows to tokenize various types of assets. Such Smart Assets could be sold worldwide shaping a new generation of decentralized capital markets.
The company devises the Internet of Assets (IoA) — the online platform based on blockchain technology that allows to tokenize real assets. It works on the principles of Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS) by implementing Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to track assets valuation and condition. These technologies allows to create various instances of Smart Assets and sell them worldwide.
The company is developing a new tokenization technology that uses the blockchain technology to offer advanced Proof-of-Asset protocol for the financial markets and institutions.
Foreground ICO Logo Foreground ICOForeground is a revenue ready platform that connects advertisers and publishers on both the traditional and the rapidly growing decentralized web. If you're running an ICO or selling goods for crypto, Foreground provides you an instant affiliate campaign.2017-11-28
Gaze Coin ICO Logo Gaze Coin ICOGaze Coin is the first immersive advertising platform for monetising VR. Gaze Coin creates a business model of VR and AR by creating exchange units among content owners, advertisers, users, first measured in line of sight.2017-11-28
Neuromation Token Sale Logo Neuromation Token SaleDistributed Synthetic Data Platform for Deep Learning Applications. Unlocking computing capacity for wide Al adoption.2017-11-28
ModulTrade Token Sale Logo ModulTrade Token SaleModulTrade Value Ecosystem (MVE). will democratize global trade by connecting the heart of Blockchain functionalities (i.e. trust and democracy) to real life trade transactions within the enterprises’ supply chains globally.2017-11-28
WaBi ICO Logo WaBi ICOWaBi is the World's first crypto coin that engages consumers to combat counterfeits, backed by a real demand for safe products.2017-11-28
SPiCE VC ICO Logo SPiCE VC ICODisrupting Venture Capital with the Blockchain2017-11-28
Bananacoin ICO Logo Bananacoin ICOBlockchain option for banana plantation. Bananacoin is a new Ethereum based token that is tied to the price of 1 kg of bananas on the international market.2017-11-29
indaHash ICO Logo indaHash ICOThe award winning app with a 130 person team, in 7 countries, connecting brands with 300 000 influencers. indaHash is now set to tokenize the influencer industry via indaHash Coin.2017-11-29
Debitum Network ICO Logo Debitum Network ICOBorderless SME business financing. Leveraging Blockchain technology to secure and distribute fiat investments to the SME world. Decentralized, accessible, and fair.2017-11-30
EquaCoin IDCO Logo EquaCoin IDCOThe EquaCoin IDCO (Initial Democratic Coin Offering) is about the project of the first democratic token with decentralized decisions of monetary policies decided through voting. The token is accounted for following IAS-IFRS rules, Swiss Gaap, and US-GAAP.2017-11-30
Zen Protocol Fundraiser - Nov 30 Logo Zen Protocol Fundraiser - Nov 30Zen is a decentralized financial platform, built from scratch with the goal of providing people with a secure, scalable and useful infrastructure for creating their own financial instruments, and trading them directly without intermediaries.2017-11-30
Bloom Token Sale Logo Bloom Token SaleBloom is a decentralized credit score. Founded by Stanford engineers, Bloom is an end-to-end protocol for identity attestation, risk assessment and credit scoring, entirely on the blockchain. Bloom currently works with a number of fiat and crypto lenders.2017-11-30
Naga Group ICO Logo Naga Group ICONAGA is a public listed, EU-regulated German Fintech company with trading-platforms for financial markets and virtual goods, a market cap of more than 200m Euros, millions in revenues and billions in trading volume every month. Investments and trading are ruled and governed by greedy banks and corporates that control access, operate non-transparent and always take a cut of your money. At NAGA we are about to change that. By introducing the NAGA COIN, we are on a mission to revolutionize the outdated banking sector. The financial markets are about to change, and we embrace that.2017-11-30
Bitproperty ICO Logo Bitproperty ICOBitproperty is a real estate tokenization platform on the Ethereum blockchain. With Bitproperty, anyone can create, buy, or sell rights to real estate revenue streams with a new kind of asset class.2017-12-01
HealthHeart Crowdsale Logo HealthHeart CrowdsaleWe are developing a decentralized EHR. We've designed it with help from medical professionals in order to fix industry problems and guarantee the best clinical outcomes for patients.2017-12-01
ConnectJob Pre-Sale Logo ConnectJob Pre-SaleConnectJob is an application that provides most of the daily needs to its users, all done by individuals called 'Jobbers'. Geolocation is at the heart of the ConnectJob offer, providing its users with services available in their areas, and invoiced in CJT (ConnectJob tokens) or fiat (€,$) at an hourly rate (Uber like model) that is unique and predetermined for each type of 'job'.2017-12-01
Enjoy Life ICO Logo Enjoy Life ICOEnjoy Life - is a multicurrency based financial platform, which combines a multicurrency wallet, payment system, trading platform, marketplace and discount program. We aim to create a universal payment ecosystem for both, cryptocurrency and real economy!2017-12-01
Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services ICO Logo Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services ICOPre-sale started. Crowdsale starts on December 1, 2017 @ 12 PM UTC. Today, the largest transportation company in the world owns no cars (Uber), the largest hospitality company on the face of the planet owns no hotels (AirBnB), the largest retailer carries no stock (Alibaba), and the world’s most popular media network creates no content (Facebook). Clearly, we are living in a time of radical change. Why should internet infrastructure be any different?2017-12-01
Balehubucks Pre-Sale Logo Balehubucks Pre-SaleRestoring and Rewarding Local Commerce with Decentralized Technology2017-12-01
CROMhub Logo CROMhubCROM is the first real-world application of blockchain technology for the digital advertising industry. CROM is designed to work alongside existing and together with existing processes and platforms. Everything is geared towards low barriers for adoption.2017-12-01
BDCC ICO Logo BDCC ICOBDCC is the next generation 100% decentralized, anonymous cryptocurrency that creates a Financial Technology Ecosystem to simplify financial transactions and move people from banks to the Blockchain.2017-12-01
envion ICO Logo envion ICOENVION makes mining green & mobile! With low-price energy from solar & wind farms and cutting-edge technology made in Germany, we bring an exciting new form of smart mining to the blockchain community— with 100% of mining profits going to token holders.2017-12-01
LiveTree.Adept Logo LiveTree.AdeptLiveTree is an established crowdfunding company based in London, UK. Over the last two years, has captured 5% of the UK crowdfunding market (in the film and content category) and forged partnerships with several leading names in entertainment.2017-12-01
BITDEGREE ICO Logo BITDEGREE ICOBitdegree Learning Foundation - The world's most massive blockchain-powered online education platform with token scholarships & tech talent acquisition.
BitDegree platform will offer students the best online courses with clear and transparent blockchain-based reward system and achievement tracking. It is also a unique tool for businesses to recruit tech talent and shape global education to their needs.
Wala Financial Platform Logo Wala Financial PlatformWala is a financial platform with a mission to help people reach financial prosperity by eliminating the barriers to banking. Our goal is to close the gap that exists between consumers and financial service providers.2017-12-01
BiafraCoin ICO (BFC) Logo BiafraCoin ICO (BFC)Blockchain platform for Referendum and Election Voting
Biafra Coin will launch Initial Coin Offering (ICO) from 01 December 2017 to 31 December 2017 selling 9 million BFC Coins and 300,000 Biafra Coins will be sold every day as per the schedule
BetBox ICO Logo BetBox ICOBetBox is an AI-driven Hedge Fund, bringing the power of Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks to turn sports betting into an alternative asset class.2017-12-05
Miners At Work Pre-ICO Logo Miners At Work Pre-ICOMiners at Work is a Singapore based Pre-ICO that provides an A-Z mining & FASTCOIN crypto ATM dispenser project2017-12-06
Dream Team Pre-Sale Logo Dream Team Pre-SaleThe first ESports and gaming recruitment and management platform that uses blockchain & smart contracts to unlock a multi-billion dollar economy based on the Dream Team Token.2017-12-07
Spectiv ICO Logo Spectiv ICOA dedicated virtual reality streaming platform utilizing blockchain integrated attention markets to proactively support mainstream virtual reality adoption.2017-12-08
Tigereum Token Swap Logo Tigereum Token SwapTigereum develops smooth interfaces for crypto. Our target market is people who don't use crypto yet because they can't work it out. Our crypto interfaces are more like the social media platforms they use everyday.2017-12-08
Loci Token Sale Logo Loci Token SaleLoci is a distributed database for patent research, discovery, and licensing. Loci’s InnVenn multi-sided platform provides inventors a quicker,cheaper,faster and less risky alternative route to capitalizing on their ideas by creating an idea exchange.2017-12-08
LoyalCoin ICO Logo LoyalCoin ICOLoyalCoin (LYL) replaces traditional customer loyalty programs with a flexible, fully transferable token that can be used to redeem rewards from any participating brand, anytime, anywhere.2017-12-11
Dream Team Token Sale Logo Dream Team Token SaleThe first ESports and gaming recruitment and management platform that uses blockchain & smart contracts to unlock a multi-billion dollar economy based on the Dream Team Token.2017-12-11
Refereum Logo RefereumRefereum cuts out the marketing middleman by directly rewarding influencers and gamers to promote and play video games.2017-12-12
VaultBank ICO Logo VaultBank ICOVaultbank is a global investment firm, committed to sound financial investment and technological advancement. Vaultbank Tokens offer quarterly dividends and are backed by secured credit assets created by an experienced asset management team.2017-12-12
Lendoit ICO Logo Lendoit ICOLendoit is a decentralized P2P Lending platform, which connects borrowers and lenders from all over the world using the advantages of Smart Contracts and the Blockchain technology.
Lendoit does NOT take tokens as collaterals.
CoinLion Logo CoinLionCoinLion is the industry solution for managing the complex jungle of cryptocurrencies. CoinLion is a powerful trading platform that makes managing portfolios of digital currencies easy and efficient.2017-12-18
LaLa World ICO Logo LaLa World ICOLaLa World is building a financial services ecosystem for the underbanked using ethereum and hyperledger blockchains. A one-stop fiat and crypto global wallet which gives access a whole range of financial services and products2018-01-05
ATFS Project Logo ATFS ProjectATFS Project is the world’s first decentralized AgriTech & Food Science crowdfunding project built on Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts.2018-01-10
CREDITS ICO Logo CREDITS ICOCREDITS is a blockchain platform (protocol) with its own internal cryptocurrency. A new and unique technical implementation of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and data protocol.2018-01-15
StreamSpace ICO Logo StreamSpace ICOThe StreamSpace platform is the most progressive video marketplace in the world.2018-01-15
Dimensions Network ICO Logo Dimensions Network ICOA Hybrid trading platform for cryptocurrency coins, options, futures and other derivatives. The Exchange Aggregator will find the best price across multiple exchanges and automatically give the best price possible. Dimensions Network takes care of all of the hard work so you don’t need a trading account elsewhere.
Token holders receive 15% of the trading fees generated by the platform.
WePower ICO Logo WePower ICOWePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading network: http://wepower.network. WePower offers token, which value grows in real assets together with WePower expansion, it is backed by green energy and ensures liquidity.2018-02-01
RightMesh Logo RightMeshRightMesh is a distributed network that incentivizes people to share mobile device resources.2018-02-13
Requitix Pre-Sale Logo Requitix Pre-SaleRequitix is a trusted token and confidence system built on the Ethereum blockchain to control Trusted Reviews, Scammer/Spammer Protection, Zero Chargebacks and a transaction fee of 0.5%. That’s half a percent!2018-02-20
Gilgamesh Platform token-sale Logo Gilgamesh Platform token-saleGilgamesh is a knowledge-sharing social platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology.TBA
Dether Logo DetherDether is a decentralized and user friendly mobile app that enables to trade ether for cash. Dether is building a P2P ecosystem of crypto buyers, sellers and physical shops willing to trade ether and tokens for fiat currency without any middleman.TBA
Selfkey TGE Logo Selfkey TGESelfKey is a blockchain based end-to-end digital identity system designed to put identity owners in control of their personal data. KEY is a utility token designed to be used on the SelfKey Network, which will be supported by the not-for-profit SelfKey Foundation.TBA
BCDiploma ICO Logo BCDiploma ICOBCDiploma develops a DApp for institutions of higher education to enable them to issue their degrees on Ethereum. BCDiploma allows the graduate, throughout his life, to prove the authenticity of his diploma by providing a simple URL.TBA
fintechbit Pre-ICO Logo fintechbit Pre-ICOOne of the few wealth building coins that is underpinned by an actual economic activity - trading: Welcome to trading on Wall Street using the power of decentralized social capital, secure networks, and Blockchain technology!TBA
Lights Movie Studio Logo Lights Movie StudioLIGHTS is a token that powers a decentralized movie studio platform. By using the blockchain, LIGHTS offers registration of original screenplays, a transparent voting process, and commitment of funds to approved proposals.TBA
Zozo Real Estates Platform ICO Logo Zozo Real Estates Platform ICODecentralized Real Estates Platform: ZoZo's vision is to ultimately enable a global real estate market with a unified real-time purchase interface and a decentralized title registry. It is being designed to allow real estate assets to become more liquid while providing users with greater control over the transaction process.TBA
Tokenza Seed Presale Logo Tokenza Seed PresaleTokenza is the next generation fundraising platform, and a community-driven marketplace running on top of the Ethereum network. We help people fund their ideas and bring new inspiring projects to life.TBA
Trippki ICO Logo Trippki ICOTrippki is new a hotel booking platform, creating a better relationship between customers and suppliers through its decentralised rewards protocol, TRIP, that manages payment, reputation and the distribution of TRIP tokens.TBA
Angel Token ICOOur main long-term overall objective is to invest in undervalued cryptocurrencies and assets and to continually grow the Angel Token crypto investment portfolio in value, as well as make regular dividend payments in Ethereum to Angel Token investors.2017-11-27

Ended ICO Sales

ICO NameICO DescriptionEnded onWhitepaper/Status
Dmarket Pre-Sale Logo Dmarket Pre-SaleDMarket is a global marketplace solution to turn every virtual item into real commodity. It is a new ecosystem where gamers, developers and entrepreneurs can efficiently and securely evaluate and trade virtual items. 2017-11-13
GRID+, a ConsenSys Formation Token Sale Logo GRID+, a ConsenSys Formation Token SaleGrid+ provides an accounting layer for the energy ecosystem by utilizing Ethereum smart contracts. Users retain control of their own assets and can choose exactly how they are utilized in the system. By moving the transaction logic for both energy and payments onto a trustless architecture (blockchain + state channels), Grid+ reduces the administrative burden of processing transactions over legacy rails (traditional payment processors typically charge fees of 1.5 - 2.5% ).2017-11-13
Prosense Pre-ICO Logo Prosense Pre-ICOPROSENSE.TV is a working business with an already existing highly functional platform for filming, transporting and viewing professional VR broadcasts. PROSENSE.TV transforms the technology of centralized content delivery into a global decentralized peer-to-peer ProsenseLive platform with a payment collection system in which intellectual property rights are protected by blockchain cryptography and all transactions are confidential.2017-11-15Whitepaper
HydroMiner ICO Logo HydroMiner ICOHydroMiner is a crypto currency mining company using green energy drawn from hydro power stations in the Alpine region of Europe. Hydropower is generally thought to be one of the most effective and lowest-cost renewable energy resources.2017-11-15Whitepaper
ScriptDrop Token Sale Logo ScriptDrop Token SaleScriptDrop's Adherence Token and Blockchain will drive down the cost of prescriptions for patients in the U.S and eventually worldwide. We help to promote medication adherence and can take Adherence Tokens as payment, at pharmacies across the U.S.2017-11-14
Airporn ICO Logo Airporn ICOThe world’s first anonymous and decentralized adult entertainment video streaming platform powered by blockchain technology.2017-11-14ICO Failed
Genesis Vision ICO Logo Genesis Vision ICOGenesis Vision is founded by a highly experienced, well versed and specialized team in financial markets. They combine a cumulative experience of many years in addition to a thorough knowledge of the latest trends. This forceful team has partnered with several large industry representatives of hundreds of brokerage companies globally and has off-the-shelf centralized trust management solution that was purchased by more than 80 companies.
By using the blockchain technology, Genesis Vision unites huge trust management industry into a single decentralized network, making the financial market transparent and even more global. This will help to re-establish trust in the market and open up new avenues for investment in the digital era.
2017-11-15ICO successfully funded
Eloplay Token Sale Logo Eloplay Token SaleEloplay presents a game changer ~ allowing players and teams to challenge each other for decentralized prize pools.2017-11-15Whitepaper
Smartlands - worldwide platform for agricultural assets tokenization.
The Platform will change whole ICO landscape, providing investors with protection and Platform tokens with consistent value growth! Thus, Smartlands create a new class of low-risk future-proof tokens.
Weigrate ICO Logo Weigrate ICOWeigrate is a new advanced commercial platform created to provide advanced options for companies and users to get best items at best available prices, Integrated multi currency wallet , own platform cryptocurrency and asset.2017-11-15
MicroMoney Token Sale Logo MicroMoney Token Sale1st Blockchain Credit Bureau and Microfinance lending. Or how to add 2 Billion Unbanked Cash-People into The New World Global Crypto Economy. Real Business Since 2015.2017-11-15
MakeItViral ICO Logo MakeItViral ICOMakeItViral is a video sharing platform that differs in various ways from other social medias. The users, both the viewers & the ones who upload will have a new experience in MakeItViral. During the concept development, it was aimed to eliminate various defects keeping in the context many video sharing platforms, along with guaranteeing benefits for both kind of users.2017-11-15
Javvy ICO Logo Javvy ICOJavvy integrates its crypto exchange into the powerful and comprehensive Javvy wallet solution, providing much faster, simplified registration and ID verification; eliminating the current need for multiple wallets and exchanges. 2017-11-15
Privatix ICO Logo Privatix ICOFirst Internet Bandwidth Marketplace powered by P2P VPN Network on Blockchain. Decentralized and 100% autonomous with the first Internet bandwidth marketplace powered by own crypto-economy2017-11-16
Cryptum Token Sale Logo Cryptum Token SaleCryptum is a shared profits token funding a network of projects, starting with a high-end board game publishing line with optional free game access for token owners. Our supporting projects include a mining venture and a new mineable cryptocurrency with initial amounts reserved for all token owners.2017-11-17
B2BX ICO Logo B2BX ICOB2BX is an aggregator of cryptocurrency liquidity for margin and exchange trading and distribution of liquidity to brokerage companies. We plan to make the first official B2B cryptocurrency exchange-aggregator or marketplace, in which we will connect at least 5% of the market of Forex/DMA and stock brokers, and give them the opportunity to provide their clients with the trading in cryptocurrencies. 2017-11-17Whitepaper